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REPORT: Illegal aliens are rushing to the border now because they fear Trump will win in November | The Gateway Pundit

Apparently, illegal immigrants are paying attention to the political poll numbers in the United States.

Many of them fear that Trump will win in November and are rushing to the border as a result. They fear the free-for-all they've enjoyed under Biden will end and the border will finally end.

Say what you will about these people, but they are not stupid. They know Biden is in their corner and Trump is serious about border security.

The New York Post reported:

Migrants rushing to cross border now if Biden loses in November: 'We don't want Trump'

Migrants are coming to the US now because they fear that President Biden may lose re-election in November and that Donald Trump will close the border.

Colombian brothers Ricardo, 20, and Sebastian, 18, spoke to The Post after illegally crossing the border into Arizona last week.

They said they had been receiving care at the Yuma Regional Center for Border Health while waiting for a bus to the Phoenix airport, where they later caught a flight to New Jersey.

“We think that with the elections it will be more difficult,” said Ricardo.

“We don't want Trump,” Sebastian said.

The brothers applied for asylum after crossing the southern border and surrendered to Border Patrol agents in Yuma. They said they faced threats from criminals in Colombia, which led them to flee.

The Trump campaign could make an announcement based on this report.

If you care about the security of our borders, the choice couldn't be clearer.


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