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Pro-Palestinian student group used messaging app to distribute materials encouraging attacks on police

National Students For Justice in Palestine (NSJP) and allied organizations used an encrypted messaging app to distribute a document informing protesters how to use physical force to prevent police officers from making arrests, the Daily Caller News Foundation found .

“People's University 4 Gaza” is a Telegram channel with more than 8,000 subscribers and is led by members of the NSJP, the Palestinian Youth Movement and Writers Against the War on Gaza, seconds to a post on X, formerly Twitter. The channel administrators distributed a document called “De-Arrest Primer”. April 26 which offers tactics to resist arrest, sometimes by violent means.

One tactic for obstructing arrests set out in the document requires “pulling/pushing an officer off a detainee and/or breaking the detainee's control.” The document warns readers that the tactic can be “risky as it requires physical contact with an officer that could lead to an assault on an officer.”

Releasing protesters from arrest can often be “worth the risks,” as being arrested “can have drastic, life-altering negative effects.” [sic.]especially for targeted populations such as non-whites, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and certain radicals,” the paper argues.

Protesters are also taught to “hug” a detainee from behind to get him away from law enforcement, fight with police officers, open the doors of patrol cars to free detained suspects, and surround officers to demand to release the arrested demonstrators.

“There are many excellent reasons to break the spell of self-surveillance and risk charges to fight, especially when this antagonism can spread and shape the overall disposition of a given movement for the better or even exploding a situation into a deeper affective breakdown,” the document says.

The post received over 3,500 views and over 100 reactions on the Telegram channel.

“Who's protecting us? We're protecting ourselves! Learn these tactics to protect your teammates,” reads the text accompanying a link to the guide. It is unclear who authored the document.

NSJP is a pro-Palestinian organization that aims to “elevate the student movement for Palestinian liberation to a higher level of political engagement.” seconds on your website. American and Israeli victims of the October 7 terrorist attacks in Israel are currently plaintiff NSJP, alleging that the group has been working on behalf of Hamas by organizing protests in the wake of the attacks.

“People's University for Gaza” is the name of a nationwide “coordinated pressure campaign” led by NSJP to force universities to divest from Israel, seconds on the organization's website. NSJP student groups at dozens of universities have it signed to NSJP's 'people's university' campaign and to protesters on campuses Through the united states they have dubbed their camps the “People's University of Gaza”.

NSJP supports more than 350 pro-Palestinian student groups in North America and ha provided consulting services to student organizers before protests. The group too animated members of their important social networks who follow to attend pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

A Telegram channel allegedly serving students at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, aka “UIUC Camp” published a link to the detention guide, encouraging your audience to read it. Demonstrators gave lessons on April 28 on “detention” tactics. seconds in the channel

Administrators of the UIUC channel shared the day-to-day schedules for the college camp, which included things like Islamic prayers, a “Safe for Covid” teaching and film screenings. The protesters named their camp the Popular University of Gaza, which matches the name of the Telegram channel and the NSJP advocacy campaign.

There were more documents that encouraged violence shared by the administrators of the Telegram channel of the Popular University 4 of Gaza.

Flood the Gates: Escalation,” one of the documents, encourages protesters to “learn tactics to protect yourself and your peers,” recommending “barricades, detention, strategic formations, and community defense” to resist the police.

“We recognize that building an infrastructure of militancy for the wider struggle against imperialism and the establishment of a new world is the only effective route we can take,” he says. The document explicitly rejects nonviolent protests, stating that “we are not naive enough to think that revolution will come through 'peaceful' means or spontaneous uprisings without organized militancy.”

“We will not disavow any action taken to escalate the struggle, including militant direct actions,” he says.

The document was published by Palestine Action US, the US arm of a UK-based company anti-Israel group.

Another document, entitled “Do-it-yourself Employment Guide,” provides protesters with practical information on how to establish and defend campus occupations.

“We can no longer protest simply to demonstrate our anger; decades of activism have reached a dead end,” says the guide. “Instead, we must insist on the struggle for the satisfaction of immediate needs and desires.”

The guide recommends using bolt cutters, crowbars, or angle grinders to enter buildings, providing specific techniques for using these tools to enter locked areas. The guide also provides readers with methods for barricading building entrances by jamming push bar doors, using cable locks, barring doors, and barring windows.

The document provides instructions on how to construct corrugated metal banners, which act as six-foot-wide shields that protesters can use to ward off police officers or others trying to evict them from the building they are occupying.

The guide also condones vandalism, stating that “a group may decide that it is better to destroy or vandalize a space than to return it to its usual function in good condition” and “the role of vandalism may be different in each situation, but it should of being not rejected altogether”.

The guide recommends that would-be occupiers lock in legal support, doctors and a “propaganda team”. The propaganda team should prepare an initial press release before the occupation begins and manage media relations as it progresses, according to the document.

It is unclear who authored the document.

The pro-Palestinian camps have cut out at colleges and universities in the United States, with notable demonstrations a Columbia University, Emory Universityi George Washington University

On May 1, the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at the University of California, Los Angeles posted on social media saying “We need bodies” to prepare for a confrontation with the police, noting that the activity was “high risk”. Demonstrators they faced each other with police at UCLA in the early hours of May 2, as law enforcement made their way to dismantle the sprawling pro-Palestinian encampment on campus and 200 people were arrested, the Los Angeles Times. reported.

Police arrested 42 masked people in a UCLA parking lot on May 6 for conspiracy to commit a crime, and two were charged with obstructing a peace officer. seconds to a press release from the Los Angeles Police Department. The group had metal pipes, padlocks, super glue, bolt cutters and copies of “De-Arrest Primer” and “The Do-It-Yourself Occupation Guide.”

Protesters at the University of Wisconsin-Madison were reportedly handing out printed copies of the arrest document before police dismantled their encampment on May 1. seconds at the MacIver Institute. Police arrested 34 people and eight officers were injured, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The SJP chapter on campus encouraged people to stop by Social media to defend the camp while the police moved in to clear it.

NSJP is fiscally sponsored project of WESPAC, a liberal charitable foundation that has contributed considerable support to pro-Palestinian activists since October 7.

Tax sponsorship is an arrangement that allows an established nonprofit organization like WESPAC to process tax-deductible donations for allied groups without those groups themselves having to register with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). seconds to the American Bar Association. NSJP, being a fiscally sponsored project of WESPAC, is not a separate legal entity, but part of WESPAC.

WESPAC, NSJP, the Palestinian Youth Movement, Writers Against the War in Gaza and Palestine Action did not respond to DCNF's requests for comment.

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