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Prime Minister Robert Fico fired several times [VIDEOS]

Prime Minister Robert Fico fired several times [VIDEOS]

In a shocking incident, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was the victim of an assassination attempt in Handlova, Slovakia. The 59-year-old prime minister was shot several times in the stomach and arm by a 71-year-old assailant after a government meeting. As Fico greeted the crowd gathered outside the House of Culture, shots were fired, causing chaos and panic. Witnesses said they saw injuries to Fico's head and chest when he fell to the ground. The suspected shooter was quickly arrested by security officers at the scene.

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Injuries and response:

After being rushed to a nearby hospital by helicopter, Fico was reported to be in life-threatening condition with injuries to his chest and abdomen. His staff posted an update on their Facebook page, confirming the severity of his injuries and the need for urgent surgery. The publication emphasized the critical nature of the next few hours.

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Political response:

The assassination attempt sent shock waves through Slovakia's political landscape. Peter Pellegrini, Slovakia's president-elect and an ally of Fico, expressed his horror at the incident, saying an attack on the prime minister was a threat to the country's democracy. Several politicians, including Michala Šimeček, leader of the liberal political party Progressive Slovakia, condemned the act of violence and expressed hope for Fico's recovery.

Research and reasons:

Authorities have not yet released a motive for the assassination attempt, leaving the country in suspense over the alleged shooter's motives. As the investigation unfolds, law enforcement is working to determine the exact circumstances and motive behind this attack.

Political background:

Robert Fico has been the Prime Minister of Slovakia since September 2023. He previously held the position from 2006 to 2010 and from 2012 to 2018. Fico's return to power was controversial due to his decision to stopping military aid to Ukraine and its recent plans to overhaul public broadcaster RTVS.

International reactions:

Leaders of neighboring countries expressed their shock and solidarity with Slovakia. Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, among others, condemned the act of violence and emphasized the importance of a violence-free society.


The assassination attempt on Prime Minister Robert Fico has raised concerns about political violence and the security of democratic processes in Slovakia. As the investigation progresses, the government and its citizens anxiously await more information about the attacker's motives. In the meantime, the focus remains on Fico's recovery and ensuring the nation's stability during this difficult time.

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