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Pile of “Obama bros” on Biden

President Joe Biden's attempt to mitigate the damage of his debate disaster in an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos failed to impress a trio of former Barack Obama aides.

The geriatric leader's meeting with Clinton's toady that aired on Friday has drawn mixed reviews with Biden loyalists insisting the 81-year-old ran him out of the stadium, while others viewed him as another dumpster fire. You can count the “Obama bros” with the latter group.

On the latest edition of the “Pod Save America” ​​podcast, hosts Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor slammed Stephanopoulos' senior-in-distress interview, in which the grieving octogenarian defiantly refused calls to abandon his re-election bid saying that only the “Lord Almighty” could convince him to consider it.

(Video credit: Pod Save America)

“I thought it was mean and at times very hard to watch,” Vietor said. “To be fair to Biden, I don't think this interview could have solved the political issue that came out of the debate,” he added, adding that it only made him “more concerned” about Biden who “struggled to speak clearly and coherent”. “

Vietor also suggested that Biden missed an opportunity to offer a compelling agenda that would be persuasive to win support from swing voters and that excuses for the nationally televised debate, such as having a cold and jet lag lag, they don't recognize enough “. how bad the debate was”.

“The debate was just a bad night. We all saw that,” Lovett said. “The explanations are a little vague… That doesn't do enough to assuage our concerns about what we saw that night. Right? So the explanations offer nothing.”

“If you're going to up the ante in an interview, it can't be another example that you're hard to understand, not because he's soft, not because he's mumbling, but because his thinking doesn't make sense,” he added. “The stakes are incredibly high. Trump is an incredible threat, but either he will prosecute this case, or someone else will, and right now, we don't have either.”

Favreau called Biden's interview performance “more coherent than the debate” but said he is “concerned” that the lack of message and urgency may not be enough to make up for the debate's disaster, noting the poll showing former President Donald J. Trump beating the incumbent in key states.

“What are you going to do to win over voters who are undecided between Biden and Trump when you have this message with George Stephanopoulos?” Favreau asked.

Later in the discussion, Vietor opined that “it seems like a clear choice that we would have a better chance with somebody else,” joining those who want to pack Biden into the nursing home.

“That interview with George Stephanopoulos was painful to watch,” Lovett said. “It was a terrible interview. He did a terrible job articulating why he's in the race, what happened in the debate and why he's the person to beat Trump. He's doing a terrible job.”

Although harsh, the trio's review of the interview was much nicer than what they said about the CNN debate in an earlier episode of the podcast.

“I think it was a huge disaster. I think it was maybe the worst debate I've ever seen in my entire life,” Favreau saidserving his prey without any sugar.


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Pile of “Obama bros” on Biden
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