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The cheating scandal hits Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest [VIDEO]

The cheating scandal hits Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest [VIDEO]

Amid the excitement of this year's Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, New York, allegations of cheating have surfaced involving contestant Nick Wehry. Wehry, who finished fourth in the competition with an official score of 51.75 hot dogs eaten, is now under scrutiny after claims he may have consumed just 46.75 hot dogs.

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Sources cited by New York Post suggest that Wehry may have manipulated his score by surreptitiously adding a plaque after the contest had concluded. Despite denying any wrongdoing, video footage of the event appears to show Wehry tampering with plates after the competition, casting doubt on the accuracy of his account.

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Participants' scores are calculated by the number of empty plates remaining in front of their designated place at the end of the allotted time. Each plate on the competition table is initially filled with five hot dogs. Therefore, each empty plate represents the consumption of five hot dogs, according to the judges' scoring criteria.

The matter is currently under investigation by Major League Eating (MLE), the governing body that oversees competitive eating contests. MLE has made no announcement regarding the status of the investigation, leaving the fate of Wehry's position in the competition uncertain.

Wehry's wife, Miki Sudo, a well-known racing fan, has defended her husband, saying the judge's decision was the right one. The winner of this year's contest was Patrick Bertoletti, who earned the title by consuming an impressive 58 hot dogs and walking away with the mustard belt and a $10,000 prize.

The absence of Joey Chestnut, a dominant figure in competitive eating, added a layer of intrigue to the event. Chestnut was unable to participate for a sponsorship disagreement but he showed his prowess for devouring food 57 hot dogs at a US Army base in El Paso, Texas.


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