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Pence continues to put more nails in his political coffin – The Donald – America First

Pence continues to put more nails in his political coffin – The Donald – America First

The reason they are pushing the January 6th narrative and using the term insurrection so heavily is another specific reason.

before January 6 you never heard the term insurrection. Things were described as riots, rebellion, even treason might be a word I would hear, but never the specific term insurrection

The reason they use this term is because there is a very specific law about books related to insurrection. He says that anyone who engages in insurgency is not eligible to hold public office. This is the specific reason why they use these terms specifically.

They try to drill it into everyone’s heads so they can argue that Donald Trump can’t legally stand because of the insurgency.

And all the anti-Trump swamp creatures were in on it

They are my top Republican senators like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham refused to speak and support political prisoners.

That’s why everyone from Mitch McConnell to Romney to Mike Pence or participate in the Democrat conspiracy theory about an insurrection.

Not because they really believe it, but because if they can hype it up long enough they could argue that Donald Trump can’t hold office legally and that’s what it was always about.

That was what it was all about. The Russian conspiracy theory? He sought to prevent him from taking office. The false impeachment for nonsense qui pro quo? The same deal.

The intersection crap is just another last ditch effort to find some legal loophole or Trump wouldn’t legally be president

Because they don’t like democracy. They don’t want to leave it up to the American voters because the last time they left it up to the American voters they elected Trump because they don’t want to give you the opportunity to vote for someone they don’t personally want. ..

It doesn’t matter if you think Trump could win or not. The fact is, the Democrats don’t even want to give you a chance to decide the president yourself.

You will have the president that the Democrats choose for you.

And if you even try to vote for someone else, they’ll find some way to make it so they can’t legally be president.

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