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Peaceful yoga session mistaken for ‘mass murder’, police respond

Police recently rushed to the Seascape Cafe inside the North Sea Observatory, Lincolnshire, after receiving a worrying report from a concerned person who believed a “mass murder” was taking place. Upon arrival, the officers were not met with a distressing scene, but with a quiet yoga class deeply engrossed in a meditation session.

Addressing the incident on their Facebook page, the Seascape Cafe clarified: “For those wondering about the numerous police sirens at Chapel St Leonard’s around 9.30pm last night, it was due to a report of an alleged incident at the Observatory. The individuals ‘on the ground’ were members of our yoga class, meditating peacefully.” They extended their thanks to Lincolnshire Police for their quick response, while humorously stressing that they are not involved in any ‘crazy cults or quirky clubs’.

Social media users weighed in on the bright side of the situation. One user said: “This is effective yoga for you – they all looked so calm!” Another jokingly mentioned, “Looks like these officers could use a little meditation themselves.”

Lincolnshire Police confirmed the event and said the initial call, made at 8.56pm, was a genuine concern. An official spokesman said: “Officers rushed to the North Sea Observatory due to concern for its occupants. We are relieved to find everyone safe and sound.”


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