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OnlyFans’ mother, Victoria Triece, sued the school over the ban

OnlyFans’ mother, Victoria Triece, sued the school over the ban

A Florida woman has filed a lawsuit against a school district after she was banned from volunteering at her son’s school because he is an OnlyFans model.

Victoria Triece said she was banned from volunteering at Sand Lake Elementary in Orlando, Florida. Triece said she was banned from volunteering at her youngest son’s school because she has an account on OnlyFans, a subscription social media platform that often includes sexually explicit content. Triece said the school only allowed him to participate in virtual events.

“I don’t think any mother, any father, anybody in the position I’m in should have to go through this,” Victoria Triece told Fox 35 Orlando “To be told that what you do in your private life is going to affect you seeing the your children. in any field. It’s just one, morally, it’s wrong.”

The mom explained, “The reason I even started OnlyFans was because I didn’t want a 9 to 5. I wanted to stay involved.”

Triece, 31, suspects another parent shared posts from his OnlyFans to the Orange County school board about 18 months ago.

OnlyFans’ mother is now suing the school district for allegedly preventing her from participating in her son’s school activities.

WESH 2 reported, “Triece volunteered for five years, passed annual background checks and has no criminal record.”

Triece’s attorney, Mark NeJame, told the outlet, “It’s like the old days of having a scarlet letter on your head. What he was doing, what he does in his spare time, is not illegal. But we still have a moral policeman with the Orange County School Board and the administrators who made this horrible decision.”

“No one knew until the school chose not to,” NeJame added. “Until a parent didn’t like what he was doing in his free time and told the school. And then the school went ahead and distributed these images.”

NeJame pondered what other situations would prevent a parent from participating in their children’s school activities.

He asked: “If they are involved in multiple sexual partners, are they prevented from seeing their children at school? If they work in the adult industry as a topless dancer or dancer, are they prevented from seeing their children children in school. ? Where does this stop?”

Triece said of the lawsuit, “So to me, the main reason I’m doing this, it’s not for me. I can only imagine who’s been through this and couldn’t fight it.”

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Mom Sues Orange County Public Schools Over Alleged Ban On Volunteers For OnlyFans Account

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