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NYPD deploys 700 riot police, steel barricades ahead of possible Trump arrest

NYPD deploys 700 riot police, steel barricades ahead of possible Trump arrest

The New York Police Department is preparing for civil disorder if the Manhattan District Attorney’s office orders the arrest of former President Donald Trump.

The NYPD has ordered the mobilization of 700 riot police and erected steel barricades around Manhattan Criminal Court in preparation for a possible grand jury indictment.

NOW – Steel barricades outside Manhattan Criminal

— (@disclosetv) March 20, 2023

The New York Times fantasized about the “probable impeachment” and “unprecedented arrest” of Donald Trump.

“He would be fingerprinted. He would be photographed. He might even be handcuffed. And if Donald J. Trump is indicted by a Manhattan grand jury in the next few days for his role in a hush money payment to a porn star , the former president of the United States of America will be given the standard Miranda warning: he will be told that he has the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.”

“These are some of the usual steps for felony arrests in New York. But the unprecedented arrest of a former commander in chief, one of whose supporters once staged a violent attack on the Capitol, will be anything but a routine,” the story adds.

The Times also reported that “more than a dozen top police department officials and two of the mayor’s top public safety aides held a virtual meeting to discuss security, staffing and contingency plans in the event of any protest, a person with knowledge of the meeting said.”

The Times drew a parallel between New York City’s security preparations for Trump’s possible impeachment this week and the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021.

“This meeting followed a call from Mr. Trump himself, in a post on his Truth Social site Saturday morning: ‘PROTEST,’ he urged his supporters. ‘We will return to our nation!’

“The former president’s rallying cry, with a rising accusation, evoked memories of the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2020,” the Times added.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is poised to use his authority in Congress to investigate Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg over an alleged political prosecution of the former president.

“Republicans plan to use their new investigative powers in the House majority to step up investigations into the Biden family and the liberal Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, amid reports that Mr. Bragg is poised to ‘indict former President Donald Trump on felony charges,’ he said. the Washington Times reported.

“An aide to the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, told the Washington Times on Sunday that Mr. Jordan’s panel on federal weaponry “is expected to respond” to the plans of Mr. Bragg to accuse Mr. Trump of an investigation and possible hearings,” the report added.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy stressed Sunday that the Manhattan DA’s case against Trump will be investigated by the Select Subcommittee on Armaments of the Federal Government.

McCarthy said the House will look into the use of federal funds by Bragg’s office. The weapons panel is expected to make an announcement about the investigation on Monday.

“This is the kind of thing America hates, and it divides America and it’s wrong,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy also pointed to Trump’s call for “protests.” The speaker denied that Trump’s comments implied violence when he called on his supporters to “protest, protest, protest” and “pick up our nation” on his social media site Truth. He also argued that Trump’s words did not mean protesting in the streets.

“I don’t think people should be protesting this. No,” McCarthy said. “And if you talk to President Trump, he doesn’t believe it either.”


McCarthy is committing a crime against the Manhattan prosecutor who is willing to have Trump arrested

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