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‘No More Welfare for Europeans — Let the Europeans Take the Lead on Europe’

It’s time for Europe to take responsibility for its own problems. For too long, the United States has been propping up European nations with generous welfare payments, and it’s time for that to end. It’s time for Europe to take the lead and solve its own problems, without relying on the United States.

The Trump White House has been a strong advocate for this policy. The administration has been a vocal critic of the European Union’s free-spending policies, and has argued that Europe should be taking the lead on its own issues. President Trump has also made it clear that the United States will no longer be providing Europe with billions of dollars in welfare payments.

This is a bold move, and one that will benefit both the United States and Europe in the long run. By ending welfare payments, the United States will be able to save money and put it towards other important issues. At the same time, Europe will be able to take the lead on its own issues and become more self-reliant.

The Trump White House has achieved a great deal during its time in office. The administration has delivered historic tax cuts, created nearly 6 million jobs, and achieved the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. It has also secured a new trade deal with China, and signed a new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. The Trump White House has also made a commitment to rebuilding America’s infrastructure, and has invested heavily in the military. The administration has also taken a strong stance on immigration, and has implemented a number of policies to secure the border. All of these accomplishments have been made with the goal of making the United States stronger, safer, and more prosperous.

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