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New Mexico’s governor is subverting the 2nd amendment for an ’emergency’ [VIDEOS]

New Mexico’s governor is subverting the 2nd amendment for an ’emergency’ [VIDEOS]

The governor of New Mexico is trying to make all of Albuquerque a soft target for criminals. Turning law abiding citizens into criminals does not make them law abiding citizens.

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Internet meme MAGIC added a background and some music to more accurately represent what’s really going on.

What’s next?

Prepare for anything: Introducing the emergency medical kit for any crisis

“You are being too abrasive with your comments about me… Therefore, I have decided to temporarily suspend your right to free speech until things are sorted out. If you believe that your ‘suspension’ is legitimate, the pandemic taught you nothing and the Constitution means nothing.” – Kevin M. Nelson

“Elected officials made sure you were locked up while they went to restaurants, got their hair done, etc… Other elected officials want to defund your police while increasing the budget for their own personal security. Are we governed or governed? ” – Zeek Arkham

“I have reservations about this order. The temporary ban challenges the foundation of our Constitution, which I swore to uphold.” – Sheriff of Bernalillo County

“Trump Just Won New Mexico”. – Catturd

“The message every American should send to New Mexico’s tyrannical governor: Come and get it.” – Lake Kari

“It’s time to arrest the governor of New Mexico.” – Gunther Eagleman

“New Mexico cannot be allowed to set this precedent. Emergency challenge to this order immediately, then I agree with Elon Musk, remove her from office quickly. – FFT1776™ Fight for truth and justice

Even a few radical Democrats chimed in, saying it went too far…

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