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New Mexico Sheriff Tells Tyrannical Governor He Won’t Enforce New Mexico’s Temporary Gun Ban | The Gateway Pundit

On Friday, the tyrannical Democratic governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham declared gun violence a public health emergency in response to the shooting deaths of a thirteen-year-old girl on July 28, a five-year-old girl on August 14, and an eleven-year-old boy on September 6.

Grisham temporarily suspended open and concealed carry laws in Bernalillo County effective immediately.

This action directly violates the constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms. The governor has established exceptions for security guards and licensed security officers.

The governor’s action is clearly tyrannical and unconstitutional.

She wants to take away your rights to protect criminals with illegal guns.

In response to the unconstitutional order, Sheriff John Allen of Bernalillo County north of Albuquerque announced that he will not comply with the unconstitutional order.

Through the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office.

Today, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham issued an emergency order temporarily suspending open and concealed carry laws in Albuquerque and all of Bernalillo County for the next 30 days. This measure has been positioned as a response to the alarming and tragic increase in gun violence, particularly the heartbreaking death of an 11-year-old boy last week.

First and foremost, every life lost is a tragedy, and the well-being of our community is a primary concern for the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office. We share the collective grief and urgency to address this problem.

However, as an elected sheriff, I have reservations about this order. While I understand and appreciate the urgency, the temporary ban defies the very foundation of our Constitution, which I swore to uphold. I am wary of placing my deputies in positions that could lead to civil liability conflicts, as well as the potential risks of denying law-abiding citizens their constitutional right to self-defense.

I was elected to represent and safeguard all constituents and to ensure that the balance between our rights and public safety is maintained. This means we must critically evaluate any proposed solutions to the deep-rooted problem of gun violence, making sure we protect our community and uphold the values ​​that define us as a nation.

To proactively address gun violence, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office has implemented and is currently executing several initiatives:
1. ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Orders) – Identifying and addressing threats before they escalate.
2. Behavioral Health Unit: Addresses underlying mental health issues that often intersect with violent incidents.
3. Gun Violence and Youth Initiative: Focused programs to curb youth involvement in gun-related crimes.
4. Criminal intervention in possession of firearms – Target criminals in illegal possession of firearms.
5. Crime Commission Initiative – Reduction to zero of cases where firearms are used in the commission of crimes.
6. Interagency Collaboration: Partnering with state, local, and federal entities to create a unified front against gun violence.
7. Creation of an intervention program against violence: intervene in armed violence before the crimes occur through intellectual and inter-institutional collaboration.

In conclusion, while we may not be fully aligned with the governor’s recent order, we remain steadfast in our commitment to work in partnership, both with his office and the community, to find sustainable solutions to the epidemic of gun violence affecting our county. It is through robust dialogue, open-mindedness and the shared goal of a safer Bernalillo County that we will find our way forward.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office John Allen


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