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Montenegro’s “Laziest Citizen” contest breaks records

In the picturesque tourist town of Brezna in northern Montenegro, seven participants are breaking records as they stretch out on mats competing for the title of ‘laziest citizen’. Last year’s record was an impressive 117 hours, but this year’s contenders surpassed it, reaching the twentieth day of the competition determined to persist.

Dubravka Aksic, the 2021 champion, commented: “We are all in excellent spirits and health. We will take care of each other and our main task is to keep lying down.”

Started 12 years ago, the contest humorously tackles the stereotype of Montenegrins who are perceived as lethargic. The organizer and owner of the resort, Radonja Blagojevic, clarified that the challenge started as a joke to this myth. This year, of the initial 21 participants, seven have already rested for an impressive 463 hours. The guidelines are clear: standing or sitting results in immediate expulsion. However, participants are given a 10-minute break every eight hours, mainly for bathroom needs. They are also allowed to interact with reading materials, mobile phones and laptops.

One hopeful competitor, Filip Knezevic, 23, from Mojkovac, expressed his confidence in taking first place and the 1,000-euro ($1,070) reward. “We’re in great company here. Time flies,” shared Knezevic.

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