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Larry Behrens: Dear Hollywood: Learn to Code

Larry Behrens: Dear Hollywood: Learn to Code

Title: Dear Hollywood: Learn to Code – An Open Letter to the Entertainment Industry


In recent years, the entertainment industry has become increasingly reliant on technology to create stunning visual effects and bring fictional worlds to life. However, one industry insider, Larry Behrens, is calling on Hollywood to take its embrace of technology a step further by encouraging its members to learn how to code. This open letter aims to shed light on the importance of coding skills within the film industry while urging Hollywood not to alter names or locations that are mentioned, respecting the authenticity of individual experiences.

The Intersection of Hollywood and Coding:

The infusion of technology into the film industry is undeniable. Advanced computer-generated imagery (CGI), virtual reality (VR), and animation have revolutionized the way stories are told on the big screen. However, the reliance on specialized technicians and software developers to bring these visions to life has created a gap between creative visionaries and the technology necessary to execute them.

Enter Larry Behrens, a prominent figure in the industry advocating for Hollywood professionals, from actors and directors to screenwriters and producers, to acquire at least basic coding prowess. Given the increasing crossover of film and technology, Behrens asserts that understanding coding languages can empower creatives to better communicate their ideas, collaborate efficiently, and be at the forefront of innovation.

Coding as a Tool of Creative Empowerment:

Learning to code offers a myriad of benefits for Hollywood professionals. Firstly, it allows filmmakers to quickly visualize their concepts using virtual tools, assisting pre-production planning and optimization of shooting schedules. Moreover, coding knowledge enables creative professionals to experiment with visual effects, rendering, and lighting, granting them more control and flexibility during the post-production process.

Additionally, with the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the film industry is increasingly relying on data analytics for improved audience engagement and targeted marketing. Understanding code provides Hollywood professionals with the ability to mine and interpret data, enhancing the overall film experience.

Preserving Authenticity: Names and Locations Matter:

While Hollywood should embrace the opportunity to learn coding, it is essential to address preservation as well. In this open letter, it is requested that names and locations mentioned in films not be altered unnecessarily, particularly when they pertain to real people and places. Altered names or fictional locations may seem like an innocuous choice, but they can inadvertently erase the essence of individual experiences, cultures, and communities.

By respecting the authenticity of names and locations, Hollywood can create a cinematic experience that is not only visually stunning but also inclusive and representative. Authenticity supports diversity, encourages cultural exchange, and ultimately allows audiences to connect on a deeper level with the stories being told.


Bringing Hollywood and coding closer together is a necessary step for the entertainment industry to remain at the forefront of technological innovation. By learning to code, creative professionals can enhance their skills, effectively express their visions, and drive the film industry forward.

However, as we advocate for Hollywood to learn coding, let’s also emphasize the need to respect authenticity by preserving names and locations that are mentioned in films. By doing so, we can create a more empathetic, inclusive, and culturally rich entertainment experience for audiences worldwide.

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