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Judge Cannon rules on Trump's motion to dismiss classified documents case

Judge Cannon rules on Trump's motion to dismiss classified documents case

A federal judge, Aileen Cannon, has ruled against former President Donald Trump's request to dismiss several charges in his ongoing classified documents case. Trump's lawyers had sought to throw out more than six of the 41 charges, which allege Trump illegally kept classified documents from his time in office and tried to hide them from the government.

The charges in question included obstruction and making false statements. However, Judge Cannon stated that the issues raised by Trump's defense were not sufficient to dismiss the charges. He explained that even if there was some confusion, the issues should be addressed during the trial, and the jury would be given clear instructions and appropriate verdict forms.

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Judge Cannon agreed to strike a paragraph from the indictment, which Trump's lawyers argued was unfair and unnecessary to the main charges.

This ruling is one of several in which Judge Cannon has refused to dismiss the case. An earlier attempt by Trump's team argued that the Presidential Records Act allowed him to keep the documents and classify them as personal records, which the judge denied.

This recent motion is just one of many preliminary disputes holding up the case. More arguments are set for later this month as the legal process continues.


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