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It's time to put “Boomer Catholicism” out to pasture and embrace the fullness of tradition

(LifeSiteNews) — Have you had enough of trying to find the tabernacle in the Church? Is communion denied to the language? Have an army of Karens rushing to the altar to distribute Holy Communion while Dad takes a break? And all that 70s music disguised as anthems: you are close,The King of GloryiSing a new song.

Many of us can no longer recognize what goes on in our parishes as the religion of our parents and grandparents. We cannot see continuity between what is taught from our pulpits and what we know has always been taught by the Catholic Church from popes, saints and councils.

We know something has gone wrong, but we may not know how to explain or address it.

That's why LifeSiteNews is proud to host the Forum of the Life of Rome in exile in Kansas City, Missouri at the InterContinental Kansas City at the Plaza on October 17-18, 2024.

The topic of the conference will beRecovering from boomer 'Catholicism'.

Speakers will include Bishop Joseph Strickland and John-Henry Westen.

“Boomer Catholicism” is the rotten fruit of what Pope St. Pius X called the poison of modernism.

More than a hundred years ago Saint Pius X warned that the modernists:

[P]ut his designs for his ruin in operation not from without but from within; therefore the danger is present almost in the very veins and heart of the Church, whose injury is more certain, the more intimate is his knowledge of her.

Moreover, they lay the ax not on the branches and shoots, but on the very root, that is, on the faith and its deepest foundations. And having struck this root of immortality, they proceed to spread the poison all over the tree, so that there is no part of Catholic truth that they lay hold of, none that they do not strive for to corrupt

The results of this corruption are clear for all to see:

  • Heresy taught from the pulpits,
  • Sacrilegious liturgies offered in our parishes,
  • Immoral advice given in the confessional,
  • Crimes covered up by the bishops,
  • Churches desecrated or sold,
  • Seminaries and empty religious houses,
  • Our children lose faith.

And many more heartbreaking consequences that get worse every day.

Millions of Catholics have left the Church; millions more have had their hearts broken. Now is the time to fight.

OurRecovering from Boomer “Catholicism”. A panel of speakers will examine the different aspects of the crisis and explore what can be done to keep the faith in our difficult times.

We will explore some of the most powerful antidotes to the modernist poison: liturgical restoration, authentic doctrinal formation, true moral principles, a committed spiritual life, and a deeper understanding of the root causes of the crisis.

In 1907, Saint Pius X said:

It is necessary to break the silence now, to expose in front of the whole Church in their true colors those men who have assumed this bad disguise.

It's time we all do the same!

Up-to-date information about the conference can be found on our event website: www.


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