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Fact checkers gather to make sure American public Biden didn't crap his pants [VIDEO]

Fact checkers gather to make sure American public Biden didn't crap his pants [VIDEO]

Oh Lord Being a WokeSpy writer can cause a person to become confused. Are we writing about something real, a parody, or a parody of a parody?

It's 2024, which means we have to wonder if the President of the United States has pooped his pants or not. As much as it irritates the media, it is (sadly) a legitimate question.

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On the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the Great Allies invasion of Normandy during World War II, President Joe Biden joined other leaders in paying tribute to the soldiers who fought and died.

Unfortunately, Biden's advanced age and difficulty were quite evident during the ceremony. When it came time to sit on the stage, the president leaned forward and appeared half crouched for a few seconds. He gave the appearance of not knowing where he was and not knowing whether he should sit down.

Roseanne Barr joined Benny Johnson's podcast and it looks like she is sold the idea.

At WokeSpy we haven't jumped on the “he pooped his pants” bandwagon that started immediately to the right. It's much more likely that he was confused about where his chair might be. But fair is fair… To see the rest of this story, visit WokeSpy.

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