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Illegal immigrants land on Malibu beach near Hollywood Elite homes

A video obtained by Fox News' Bill Melugin captures the moment a boatload of suspected illegal immigrants lands on a beach in Malibu, California, a stone's throw from the extravagant homes of Hollywood's elite.

Exclusive footage shows a boat coming ashore around 1am on Thursday, and approximately 25 people can be seen jumping off the boat and running ashore, leaving the boat abandoned in the water.

Malibu, known for its chic lifestyle and A-list residents such as Barbra Streisand, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cher, is home to numerous high-end luxury homes, many located by the sea, just a short distance from where she landed the ship

Bill Melugin notes that such landings, while common in European countries, are highly unusual in Malibu, given its distance from the border, which is more than 100 miles to the south.

The identities of the people on board the boat and whether any arrests were made are unknown.

Interestingly, Streisand and Cher, both outspoken critics of former President Donald Trump, have threatened to leave the United States if he is re-elected.

In 2019, Streisand vehemently criticized the border wall and Trump's stance on illegal immigration, stating that he only cares about building a monument to himself and that the nation cannot afford to pay for his ego.

The singer, who resides in a lavish 19-bedroom clifftop mansion worth an estimated $100 million, has been an outspoken opponent of Trump's policies.

It remains unclear whether Streisand offered assistance to any of the migrants who arrived on the boat.

On her 2018 album “Walls,” Streisand expressed her disapproval of Trump's border wall plan, singing about building bridges to a better day and the need to tear down walls.

An estimated 10 million people have entered the United States illegally during the Biden administration.

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