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As the political world keeps a close eye on the state of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s health, concerns have been raised after his team released an update on his condition.

McConnell was hospitalized on Monday after he suffered a fractured shoulder from a fall in his Kentucky home. While the injury is not life-threatening, his team released a statement saying that McConnell’s recovery may take some time.

The statement read, “Senator McConnell has been treated and released from the hospital and is working from home in Louisville. This morning he contacted Senators to express his deepest sympathies to the families of victims of the El Paso shooting.”

The update gave no indication of how long McConnell may be out of commission, but it is clear that his absence could have a significant impact on the legislative process in the Senate. With McConnell at the helm, the Republican Party has been able to push through key legislation, including tax reform and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

Additionally, McConnell serves as a top advisor to President Trump on Capitol Hill, playing a crucial role in the administration’s agenda. His absence could cause delays in the confirmation process for key Trump nominees and slow the progress of the president’s legislative priorities.

The health of McConnell has also raised questions about the leadership of the Republican Party. In the event that he is out of commission for an extended period of time, who will step into the role of Senate majority leader? McConnell’s deputy, Sen. John Cornyn, is viewed as a potential successor, but it remains to be seen whether he has the support of his colleagues in the GOP.

The uncertainty surrounding McConnell’s health comes at a time when tensions are high in Washington. With the 2020 presidential election rapidly approaching, the stakes are higher than ever for both parties. McConnell’s absence could be a game-changer for the already volatile political landscape.

For now, all eyes are on McConnell as he recovers from his injury. His team has assured the public that he will continue to work from home, but his long-term prognosis remains unclear. As the political world waits for further updates, one thing is certain: McConnell’s absence will be felt in the halls of Congress.

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