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Biden DOJ Crusade to Jail Young Man for Anti-Hillary Memes Just Got Much Uglier

Biden DOJ Crusade to Jail Young Man for Anti-Hillary Memes Just Got Much Uglier

The Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has been making headlines lately for their crusade to jail a young man for sharing anti-Hillary Clinton memes during the 2016 election. But the story has taken a much uglier turn as new details have emerged about the tactics the DOJ is using to pursue this case.

According to court documents, the DOJ has subpoenaed the IP addresses of over 4,000 individuals who visited a pro-Trump website where the memes were originally shared. The government is also demanding that the website turn over any and all information about these visitors, including their names, addresses, and other personal information.

This is an alarming escalation in the DOJ’s pursuit of this case, as it suggests they are willing to trample on the privacy rights of thousands of innocent individuals in their quest to punish a single individual for his political views. It also raises questions about the DOJ’s motives and whether they are more interested in pursuing a political vendetta than in upholding the rule of law.

The young man at the center of this case, Justin Coffman, was indicted last year on charges of making false statements to the FBI and witness tampering. The charges stem from his alleged involvement in a conspiracy to disseminate anti-Hillary Clinton memes and propaganda during the 2016 election.

Coffman has denied any wrongdoing and maintains that he was simply exercising his constitutional right to free speech. He argues that the government’s case is politically motivated and that they are trying to silence him and other Trump supporters who expressed their opposition to Clinton during the election.

Regardless of the merits of Coffman’s case, the DOJ’s tactics in pursuing it are deeply troubling. The subpoena of thousands of innocent individuals and their personal information represents an egregious violation of privacy rights, and suggests that the DOJ is willing to use any means necessary to prosecute its political enemies.

This is not the kind of behavior we should be seeing from a government agency charged with upholding the law and protecting our constitutional rights. The DOJ’s crusade to jail a young man for posting political memes is a classic example of government overreach, and it should be condemned by all Americans who value their freedom of speech and privacy rights.

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