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Hikers hear screams and discover a woman who had been stuck in the mud for 3 days

A woman missing since June 26 may have spent days stuck in the mud at a Massachusetts nature preserve before being rescued, according to the Stoughton Police Department.

Emma Tetewsky, who “is known pray in the forest” was found July 3 after hikers heard someone screaming in a remote part of the 1,843-acre Borderland State Park, police said in a news release.

“At approximately 6 p.m. Monday, officers from the Easton Police Department they were sent to Borderland State Park after hikers called 911 and said they heard a woman screaming for help in a swamp-like area,” police said.

“Upon arrival, Easton officers heard Tetewsky but could not see her. Three officers waded 50 feet from shore, through thick brush and swamp, to reach Tetewsky. It is believed she may have been stuck in this place for at least three days.”

Emma Tetewsky, 31, was found alive in Borderland State Park after days of being stuck in the mud, officials said. Stoughton Police Department photo

Tetewsky, 31, “was conscious and alert” as officers pulled her from the swamp, officials said.

She remains hospitalized with serious injuries but is expected to survive, authorities said. Details of his injuries were not released.

Borderland State Park, about 30 miles south of Boston, is largely forested but includes marshes, wooded swamps and shallow marshesreports the state.

Tetewsky lives in Stoughton, northeast of the state park, and has no car or cell phone, officials said.

“I would like to commend our Easton officers who blindly jumped into the water and followed the woman’s calls for help,” Easton Police Chief Keith Boone said in the statement.

“Their immediate action resulted in saving Emma Tetewsky. We would also like to thank our amazing fire department, Borderland State Park rangers and the hikers who heard Emma and called 911. Without this coordinated effort, this rescue would not have been successful.”

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