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Biden Admin Accused Of Trying To Bury Afghanistan Report By Releasing It Before Holiday

Biden Admin Accused Of Trying To Bury Afghanistan Report By Releasing It Before Holiday

Title: Biden Administration Accused of Trying to Bury Afghanistan Report by Releasing it Before Holiday


The Biden administration has come under fire for the timing of its release of a declassified report examining the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Critics argue that the release of the report on a Friday before a holiday weekend was an attempt to bury its findings. Additionally, concerns have been raised regarding the redactions in the version that was ultimately made public. This article delves into the details of the report, the accusations against the Biden administration, and the implications of this controversial release.

I. The Release of the Declassified Report:

The State Department released the long-anticipated declassified version of its report on the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan on a Friday, sparking accusations of an intentional burying of the findings. The report, which offers a scathing critique of the administration’s handling of the crisis, addresses the challenges faced by the department in maintaining diplomatic and assistance presence in Kabul.

II. A Tale of Two Summaries:

In April, the White House released portions of a broad review, drawing from the State Department’s probe. However, the initial summary presented the Biden administration in a more positive light, citing a deliberate and inclusive decision-making process constrained by the actions of the previous administration. This conflicting portrayal of events has further fueled suspicion surrounding the release of the declassified report.

III. Criticisms of the Biden Administration:

The report highlights the choices made by President Biden that exacerbated the difficulties faced by diplomats in Afghanistan. These include the rapid withdrawal of the military and the handing over of Bagram Air Base to the Afghan government, limiting evacuation routes to Hamid Karzai International Airport. Republican Representative Mike Waltz criticized the administration’s decisions and referred to the release of the report as “shameful.” Furthermore, concerns have been raised about the level of transparency and accountability in withholding classified portions of the report.

IV. Accusations of Attempted Burial and Omission of Key Details:

Critics argue that the timing of the report’s release, just before the long July Fourth holiday weekend, was a deliberate attempt to minimize public attention and scrutiny. The omission of approximately 60 pages in the released version has further fueled suspicions that the administration is attempting to hide certain aspects of the report. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul has condemned the late release and called for the release of an unredacted version.

V. Potential Implications and the Path Forward:

The contentious release of the declassified report raises questions about the administration’s commitment to transparency and accountability. It also highlights the need for a full examination of the decision-making processes that led to the tumultuous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Calls for further investigation and demand for accountability are likely to persist as discussions surrounding the report continue.


The release of the declassified report on the Afghanistan withdrawal has sparked controversy, with accusations of an attempted burying of the findings by the Biden administration. The report’s conclusions, along with the timing and redactions, have raised concerns about transparency and accountability. As the fallout from this release continues, it remains to be seen how the administration will address the criticisms and demands for further investigation.

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