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Here's the clip of Cohen that the media, even Fox News, won't show you…

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Disgraced liar and convicted felon Michael Cohen is back on the stand in the bogus “hush money” case against President Trump, where regime prosecutors have yet to prove a crime was committed.

What they've managed to prove is that their two star witnesses, an emaciated porn actress and a skinny, disqualified lawyer, should be the ones under criminal investigation, not President Trump. This case reeks more of extortion with each passing day. Think about it: How could President Trump have silenced Stormy Daniels in 2016 when Revolver already exposed that she had sold her story to “Life and Style” magazine in 2013?


[D]although Stormy Daniels at the time denied an affair with Trump, she gave an interview telling the story of her affair to a tabloid in 2011. That story was published back then in 2011 and has long since been in the public domain. Our source, who has direct knowledge of these matters, provided corroborating information that further highlights the farcical nature of the case against Trump.

According to our insider, the real story behind this saga is much more complex and intriguing than you might imagine. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, our source offered some insight into what Team Stormy's secret and meticulously coordinated extortion plot looked like. Our source also highlighted a critical mistake made in this “extortion plot” some thirteen years ago that, frankly, should completely derail this mock trial, along with the real reason for that infamous NDA.

As suggested, the Stormy saga goes back much further than many imagine, all the way back to 2011. Our source revealed that Stormy's manager, Gina Rodriguez, who is a well-connected media operative, had had been trying to sell Stormy's “Trump story” for six months before former attorney and convicted felon Michael Cohen took over handling the deal after the Access Hollywood tape was released. However, before that, our source reveals that back in 2011, Team Stormy had already shared their “Trump affair” story with a tabloid called In Touch Magazine, which was owned by the conglomerate at the time German Bauer. However, no agreement was reached to publish the story in that particular magazine, so it remained secret until years later. This does not mean that the story had to wait years to see the light. Bauer, In Touch's parent company, cleverly sidestepped its confidentiality provision with Stormy Daniels by publishing her story in a sister publication called Life & Style Magazine; this is a crucial detail that has been largely lost amid the current anti-Trump hysteria. This now brings us back to Gina Rodriguez, who, in April 2016, just as Trump's campaign was gaining momentum, saw dollar signs and tried once again to buy Stormy's story, but had no luck . Because? Because by then, as the New York Times excerpt suggests, the story had already been in the public domain since 2011, having been published by Life & Style, and everyone in the media industry knew about it.

This is the media's best kept secret. Everyone knows this story has been around for years, but they conveniently forgot to mention it when it matters most. You can read the entire bombshell piece here:

Revolver Inside Source Reveals Critical 13-Year Flaw in Stormy's 'Trump Extortion' Plot and the Real Reason for the NDA

And speaking of things the media keeps under wraps, we've uncovered another damning “throwback clip” featuring former attorney Michael Cohen. In this footage, Cohen admits that President Trump never told him to make any payments to Stormy Daniels. However, no media outlet is airing this beauty again, not even Fox News.

Stormy is on record saying she never had an affair with President Trump.

Cohen has also made it perfectly clear that President Trump had nothing to do with this transaction.

Also, an old clip has resurfaced, this time with Stormy Daniels on camera telling Bill Maher that she was never “coerced.” This directly contradicts what he recently said in court, exposing once again that prosecutors' “star witnesses” are proven liars. When will these two crooks be thrown in a cell? Don't hold your breath. Unfortunately, that's not how our system of injustice works in the age of Trump.

As this mock trial unfolds, it becomes increasingly clear to many that Cohen, like Stormy, was hatching an extortion scheme. Perhaps he hoped to extort not only Donald Trump, but also his friends and associates. Cohen defined himself as a so-called “fixer,” but he was the one who failed and did most of the damage from the beginning. It could be that the Deep State targeted Cohen early on, using the same tactics they used against George Papadopoulos to set up the Russia hoax, only this time it was a hoax focused on Trump and emaciated porn actress? Could this be why he has been “trained” by the left?

Laura Loomer:


🚨The New York Democratic congressman who helped prepare Michael Cohen for his anti-Trump testimony is a client of Judge Merchan's daughter's Democratic political consulting firm @Authentic_HQ! 🚨

Today, New York Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman @RepDanGoldman went on @MSNBC and said he has “fired @MichaelCohen212 and met with him multiple times to prepare him” for the trial he is overseeing the Judge Merchan in New York.

Cohen is the prosecutors' “star witness.”

Representative Dan Goldman is a client of Loren Merchan's Democratic consulting firm, Authentic Campaigns.

Why is a member of Congress meeting with a felon who committed perjury?

This is a HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST, and Judge Merchan must immediately REFUSE to oversee Trump's trial!

See RECEIPTS below!

One thing is for sure, though: the media, including our “friends” at Fox News, definitely don't want to remind you of Stormy and Cohen's past entries. It pokes too many holes in the regime's narrative, revealing that all our media are complicit in this latest hoax.



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