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Even the anti-Trumpers are waking up! * * by Noah

I’ve been waiting to see videos like this pop up and this is one of the first I’ve seen.

Just in time…

just in time

MANY more to follow.

I think that’s exactly why it’s called, “Taking so much time.”

This is exactly why Trump has waited and waited and waited and let things play out.

Because I had to let people SEE for themselves.

He had to let it all play out, so they could see how far the Biden regime would take things.

He had to let it go to the point where even the anti-Trumpers were starting to look around and say, “Wait, that’s not right.”

I’ll be posting a lot more about this theory below… I’m telling you, this has been my theory for a long time and just this week we’re starting to really see it play out before our eyes.

So start here.

Check out what this lady just posted on Twitter.

She says she was a big anti-Trumper in 2016.

I hated him!

And this went on for a long time.

But now that he’s been out of office for 3 years and he sees that they’re still chasing him, he’s got a brain running on both of his shoulders and he’s looking around saying this isn’t right… this isn’t sense. …..UNLESS Trump really is the true enemy of the Deep State and is really fighting for us and they must destroy him no matter what.

That’s the only thing that makes sense.

And if that’s true, then oh my… could I have been wrong all along?

You see, that’s the journey that I think a lot of Americans are on right now.

And I think millions of them are coming to that same conclusion.

Americans are not stupid.

It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled, true, but at some point, even the most ardent anti-Trumpers are opening their eyes and saying I see what’s really going on here.

Listen to this powerful testimony:

It’s all related to my theory.

This had to happen.

Trump could not have dropped all the tests in 2020 and regained power.

He would have looked like a dictator.

But now imagine… what if he had had evidence all along, and was just waiting for millions of people like this lady to wake up to a red pill?

Then, instead of fighting him when he presents the evidence, they will rally behind him.

Wow, that’s pretty clever!

I wrote a lot more about this yesterday, check this out where I really explain it in detail:

Here’s why Trump has waited so long to play the Trump card…

Did you think the heist of 2020 was over?

Do you think they got away with it?

They are 3 years old but it is far from over.

In fact, thanks to Jack Smith’s new charges against President Trump, it looks like we now have the perfect forum to litigate the 2020 election.

And it is against this backdrop that I have to show you this new interview on England’s GBN (which I guess stands for Great Britain News) with Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes.

Dr. Halper-Hayes is a political strategist who served on the Trump transition team and is a frequent guest on the BBC, CNBC, CNN and Breitbart.

But it’s what he said on GBN that caught my attention.

Here comes the Trump Card!

Look at this:

Listen carefully: Trump is about to play an ace card. I don’t think the two interviewing Jan Halper-Hayes understand the clever maneuvering of the Trump team.

Can subpoena and call witnesses. Everything is about to come out everyone. “Trump has the goods” He has the evidence of everything.

Nice journalists, but it seems a bit dark here. This reminds me of Liz Truss trying to deal with Putin. Totally out of his depth. #TrumpArrest #USA

More here from MJ Truth:

🚨 Holy Smokes! Listen to this!

Jan Halper-Hayes, who sits on a task force for the Department of Defense, talks about the subpoena power and EO 13848 – How the DoD and Trump have all the goods in the 2020 election… The USA is a BANKRUPT CORPORATION – SPACE FORCE

“They made a HUGE mistake with this one… Because even though they thought what was going to happen was that they were going to prosecute him for treason or sedition, they charged him criminally, but they didn’t go to that extreme.

As a result, he has due process so he can subpoena people and bring things.

Let me say something about this 2020 election. Biden is the legitimate president, but he is the legitimate president of what is now the BANKRUPT US CORPORATION.

This was SA treaty in 1871. On September 12, 2018… Trump created a. executive order Within this, he highlighted in the future elections, any kind of foreign or domestic interference, specifically for the 2020 elections.

(This EO Fam is 13848, the one Joe Biden keeps renewing).

How did he know some of these things would happen?…>

What this has done is open the door for Trump to make his case…>

It is a huge mistake of Jack Smith that he did this…

Think Edward Snowden and all the information he had.

Consider the fact that our military, our Department of Defense, the SPACE FORCE…if you think they don’t have the actual election results, then you are deluding yourself…>>

He goes on to talk about 2000 mules and the 60 court cases the media lie about that were dismissed….

“There were 3…won 2 and lost 1, 57 were never heard because they didn’t have standing. Standing means the person bringing the case has to claim some kind of impact or injury…>>

I sit on a Department of Defense task force and they have the goods. And Trump knew that if he presented the evidence of the goods from the beginning, we would have a civil war, and he thought that people needed to see how bad it could really be.”


Back up the full interview here on Rumble:

And Trump’s lawyer, John Lauro, confirms many of the same details:

Be careful what you wish for Jack Smith, looks like you might just get it!

This is a guest post from our friends at WLTReport.

See the original article here.


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