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Warning: If you host NZ “whistleblower data” on your server, you risk losing EVERYTHING…

Warning: If you host NZ “whistleblower data” on your server, you risk losing EVERYTHING…" title="Warning: If you host NZ “whistleblower data” on your server, you risk losing EVERYTHING…" onerror="this.src=''; jQuery(this).removeAttr('srcset');"/>

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Rumors are circulating that former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has issued orders to remove all leaked data on the COVID vaccine. The speculation was shared by former Parliamentary candidate Jim Ferguson on X:

Did Jacinda Ardern just order the data to be deleted? Amid a growing storm of controversy, there is escalating turmoil at the World Economic Forum and in New Zealand government circles. Panic seems to have set in as they desperately try to shut down any public access to the information. This unrest is fueled by an alleged leak of sensitive information, which allegedly connects the COVID-19 vaccines to a significant increase in illness and fatalities in New Zealand. Amid this chaos, swirling rumors suggest a drastic move: a directive to delete this controversial data.… Although unverified whispers implicate former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in ordering this data purge, the concrete evidence remains elusive. As the situation unfolds, there are more and more demands to: “Release the data now!” If she and her former administration have nothing to hide, release the data now.

This report follows a whistleblower's disclosure of the alleged “real” number of people who died from the COVID vaccine:


The data leak sent shock waves through the ranks of the elite, causing a state of absolute panic. The whistleblower has been arrested and now faces a possible 7 years in prison for disclosing the information.

Newshub New Zealand:

For now, a 56-year-old man has been refused bail after appearing in court on Monday morning accused of leaking large amounts of Te Whatu Ora vaccination data online.

Barry Young was arrested on Sunday and appeared before Wellington District Court Judge Andrew Nicholls on Monday.

He faces a charge of dishonestly accessing Te Whatu Ora's databases with a maximum penalty of up to seven years in prison.

He has not submitted any allegation.

A packed public gallery of supporters stood and applauded as Young entered the room. Judge Nicholls dismissed them, saying: “If you have any more disruption and I will ask you to leave.”

Young was denied bail on Monday and will be released on bail at 1pm on Tuesday.

But unfortunately, this story gets even more draconian. Now we get a very serious warning from a vaccine watchdog group in New Zealand who say that if you have whistleblower data on your server, you risk losing it all.


The NZ court order is being enforced worldwide.

If you keep this data on a live server, you risk losing EVERYTHING stored on your server as your account WILL BE DELETED

US genomics expert Kevin McKernan says he woke up to find his entire MEGA account, including medical genome sequencing and vaccine sequencing data, worth an estimated $200,000, had been hacked. suddenly deleted

McKernan is one of the main scientists involved in the DNA contamination research in the Covid mRNA vaccines – all his sequencing data from the Pfizer and Moderna DNA contamination has been LOST.

Many online users argue that it is well past the point of no return for the New Zealand government, or any other government. The data has already made its way to the dark web, where it is safely stored on thousands of servers, thanks to the assistance of hackers around the world. Erasing it now seems an almost impossible task, which is good for the people, bad for the globalists.



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