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Two French-Moroccan tourists shot dead by the Algerian coast guard

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Two French-Moroccan tourists were shot dead by Algerian coastguards after entering Algerian waters on jet skis, sparking tensions between Morocco and Algeria. The victims were part of a group of four people with dual nationality who had left the Moroccan town of Saidia. A third member was arrested, while Mohamed Kissi, the only survivor, managed to return to Morocco.

This tragic event has highlighted long-standing tensions between the two nations, rooted in large part in Morocco’s claims to the disputed Western Sahara region. Relations soured further after Algeria accused Morocco of hostile acts two years ago, a claim Rabat denies. The two countries share a nearly 2,000 km long border that has been closed since 1994 for security reasons.

Images of one of the dead floating at sea were uploaded online by a Moroccan fisherman, sparking outrage in Morocco. Mohamed Kissi, whose brother Bilal was killed, recounted his ordeal: “We got lost but kept going until we found ourselves in Algeria. They shot us.”

Mohamed Kissi rejected claims they had tried to escape when they were discovered, saying his brother tried to talk to officials before being shot. The arrested man, named Smail Snabe, has appeared before a prosecutor, although details are scarce.

Although a Moroccan government spokesman declined to comment, saying it was “a matter for the judiciary”, there was no immediate comment from Algeria. Actor Abdelkarim Kissi, a relative of the victims, has urged Morocco to take the case to international courts. The second dead man has been identified as Abdelali Merchouer, whose body remains in Algeria.

The incident raises questions about border security and strained relations between Algeria and Morocco, as both nations have yet to issue an official response.

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