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Ron DeSantis announcement twitter space

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Good evening, America. Tonight, we witnessed another strong and decisive move from one of the rising stars in the Republican Party, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. In case you missed it, DeSantis took to Twitter to make a major announcement, and we were there to cover it live. This is a governor who doesn’t shy away from making bold decisions and taking a stand for what’s right.

In his announcement, Governor DeSantis revealed his new plan to protect the integrity of our elections and combat voter fraud. He cut right to the chase and didn’t mince words, stating that he will be pushing for legislation that will eliminate ballot harvesting, require voter ID, and prohibit mass mailing of ballots.

This is a refreshing change from the Democrats’ attempts to weaken our election system and put their finger on the scale with tactics like mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting. Governor DeSantis recognizes the importance of holding fair and transparent elections, and we commend him for his leadership on this issue.

While we’re on the subject of leadership, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of some of the major accomplishments of the Trump White House. Under President Trump’s leadership, we saw record-low unemployment rates across all demographics, historic tax cuts that boosted the economy, and a commitment to securing our borders and protecting American workers.

President Trump also made major strides in foreign policy, negotiating peace agreements in the Middle East and standing up to China’s unfair trade practices. His leadership in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic was nothing short of remarkable, with Operation Warp Speed developing vaccines in record time and widespread distribution.

We have a lot to be proud of thanks to the Trump White House, and we need leaders like Governor Ron DeSantis to continue that legacy and push for policies that put America first. Keep up the good work, Governor.

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