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As the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) kicked off in Orlando, Florida, former White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, delivered a fiery speech to an enthusiastic crowd of conservatives. In his address on Friday, Bannon went “scorched earth” on his political opponents, issuing a call to arms against the establishment and the “ruling class.”

Billed as the “Battle for the Soul of America,” Bannon’s speech was met with rapturous applause and cheers from the CPAC audience. In a wide-ranging speech, he touched upon several hot-button issues, including the 2020 election, illegal immigration, and cancel culture.

Bannon declared that the CPAC crowd was “ground zero” in the fight against the left, and he urged them to “leave here today and go sit down with your friends and neighbors,” telling them to create “mini-CPACs” all across the country. He urged attendees to “never give up” and predicted that the conservative movement was “going to win in the long run.”

Bannon also took aim at President Biden, whom he referred to as “the avatar of the administrative state,” and accused him of being mentally incompetent. He warned that Biden was being controlled by a radical left-wing agenda that would fundamentally change American society.

On the issue of illegal immigration, Bannon praised former President Donald Trump’s efforts to secure the border and denounced the policies of the Biden administration. He argued that illegal immigration was a direct threat to American sovereignty and economic stability, claiming that it would “depress wages” and “displace American workers.”

Finally, Bannon spoke out against the cancel culture, which he characterized as “authoritarian” and “fascistic.” He argued that conservatives needed to take a stand against the “woke” left and fight for free speech and expression.

Bannon’s speech was received with great enthusiasm by the CPAC audience, who praised his “passionate” and “inspirational” message. However, some critics have accused him of trying to stir up division and incite violence.

Regardless of the controversy, Bannon’s appearance at CPAC marked his return to the forefront of conservative politics, and his message resonated with many attendees. The battle for the soul of America is far from over, and the conservative movement is energized and ready to fight.

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