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Florida Gov. DeSantis Announces Permanent Ban on Covid Mandates, Banning Gain-of-Function Research

Florida Gov. DeSantis Announces Permanent Ban on Covid Mandates, Banning Gain-of-Function ResearchFlorida Gov. DeSantis Announces Permanent Ban on Covid Mandates, Banning Gain-of-Function Research" title="Florida Gov. DeSantis Announces Permanent Ban on Covid Mandates, Banning Gain-of-Function Research" onerror="this.src=''; jQuery(this).removeAttr('srcset');"/>

Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that he is permanently banning Covid mandates from schools and businesses in the state of Florida. These new measures are intended to protect Florida residents from the authoritarian rules and regulations that were imposed across the country during the pandemic.

One of the key bills focuses on preserving individual liberty and consolidates safeguards that were implemented in the Sunshine State over the past two years. In particular, the legislation permanently bans vaccine mandates, ensuring that residents have the autonomy to make their own health care decisions.

DeSantis noted that Florida schools will not be able to require Covid vaccinations, nor can the workplace require vaccine passports.

#BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis announces signing of legislation to permanently ban COVID-19 mandates from schools, businesses and government entities, crack down on vaccine discrimination in employment

— Florida’s Voice (@FLVoiceNews) May 11, 2023

“All of them this things must to be done permanent,” he said. “It makes all these protections permanent that we’ve done over the last two years,” he added.

“Yes is emergency use, how tin they strength you a take this, Yes is a business, or Yes is a government? That is bad i this will no to be allowed in the been of Florida,” the governor said.

Governor DeSantis addressed the issue of flawed data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), citing the guidance on masks in schools as an example of misguided policies that were widely adopted. In enacting these new laws, Florida is trying to avoid making the same mistakes and instead prioritize evidence-based decision-making rooted in local data.

Another critical aspect of the legislation is the prevention of discrimination against patients based on their vaccination status. Cases have emerged in other parts of the country of people being denied organ transplants due to vaccine rejection. Florida’s new laws aim to protect people from such discrimination and ensure equal treatment for all patients.

In addition, the bill formalizes the rejection of World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Going forward, any public health advice adopted by Florida must be approved by the state’s Department of Health, emphasizing the state’s commitment to independent decision-making rather than reliance on international organizations.

“We want to be a buffer against flawed guidance and with the WHO perspective i her the so-called treaty, I think they’re really looking at institutionalized blocking policies, and that’s not going to happen here,” DeSantis said.

Governor DeSantis also highlighted Senate Bill 1580, which grants physicians freedom of speech in their practice. This legislation empowers doctors to make decisions based on scientific evidence rather than being bound by mandates, thus promoting evidence-based medicine and enabling doctors to provide the best possible care to their patients.

“We don’t want to limit ourselves to authority or just follow the herd. So now it’s law in the state of Florida. So that’s kind of the opposite of what states like California have done,” he said, asking : “Where you prefer to practice as a doctor – a place where you can make your own judgments or not?

Additionally, Florida has become the first state in the nation to enact a ban on gain-of-function research. By taking this proactive step, the state aims to prioritize public safety and prevent potential risks associated with controversial scientific practices.

“We are the first state in the United States to formally ban gain-of-function research,” he said, noting that the gain-of-function research was being conducted at the Wuhan lab with taxpayer dollars and likely led to the emergence of the virus.

“Where’s the accountability for people like Fauci and these other people when they said they never did any of this? And we know a lot of that wasn’t true. So I’m glad the Legislature stepped up to make a difference,” DeSantis added.

With these new laws, Governor DeSantis and the state of Florida have taken a strong stand to safeguard individual liberties, ensure evidence-based decision-making, and protect the well-being of its residents.

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