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Donald Trump’s election fraud trial in Georgia will be broadcast live

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Donald Trump’s trial in Georgia on allegations of voter fraud will be televised and streamed live, according to Fulton County Court Judge Scott McAfee. While a specific date for the trial has not yet been set, it is expected to coincide with Trump’s potential 2024 re-election campaign.

Along with Trump, 18 people face conspiracy charges related to overturning the results of Georgia’s 2020 presidential election. Trump, who has also been charged in three other criminal cases, has pleaded not guilty of the 13 charges against him in the Georgia case.

This trial will be the only one of Trump’s four cases to be broadcast and is expected to get a wide audience. Fulton County Court usually broadcasts all proceedings live, so this case is no exception. Trump, who recently visited Atlanta briefly to appear at the Fulton County Jail, has decided to forgo his appearance next Wednesday, when the pleas are officially entered.

Central to the indictment is a phone call Trump made to the Georgia secretary of state requesting a vote count. Prosecutors say Trump tried to manipulate Georgia officials into overturning the state’s election result, which he lost to Joe Biden.

The former president, who remains a leading contender for the Republican nomination in 2024, continues to maintain his popularity despite his legal challenges. Both he and several co-defendants, including former attorney Rudy Giuliani, argue that the cases are politically motivated. Giuliani and others have also opted to skip the upcoming hearing.

According to Clark Cunningham, a law professor at Georgia State University, Trump’s decision to waive his appearance is “not generally controversial” because he is already familiar with the charges against him, which include racketeering under the Rico Act.

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