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BLM Radical Who Won Des Moines Council Seat Resigns After 6 Months Absence

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(Molly Bruns, Holder USA) Radical Black Lives Matter Activist Indira Sheumaker, who won a seat on the Des Moines city council in March, recently resigned from her position after neglecting her seat for six months.

Sheumaker has not attended any city council meetings or workshops since March 6, 2023, and has refused to explain her absence, despite continuing to receive a salary and health benefits from the position. in accordance with the Post Millennial.

Sheumaker, also an organizer of the Black Liberation Movement, ran on a platform that advocated “Defund the police” winning in an upset victory against the incumbent in 2021.

Randy Sheumaker, her father, turned in his daughter’s resignation letter to the city on Aug. 31.

Her father reported that she was hospitalized in April, but did not elaborate on her condition.

The former councilwoman previously stated that she suffered from clinical anxiety and depression, which the COVID lockdowns had exacerbated.

A statement from Sheumaker’s office made that clear mental health was his reason for leaving the council, but he gave no insight into his situation.

It took time to convene BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month.

“Like a [b]missing, queer, female individual, I and others like me face unique challenges related to mental health that are exacerbated by the social conditions we live in,” her statement reads. “I hope that my opening can call the attention to these issues and lead to greater understanding.”

He signed off wishing “all power to the people.”

Sheumaker also took a leave of absence to focus on his mental health in 2022.

A liberation of the Des Moines City Council announced Sheumaker’s departure and asked that the public wait patiently while the mayor and city council consider next steps.

“We wish Ms. Sheumaker the best and appreciate Ms. Sheumaker’s time on the council,” said Mayor Frank Cownie.

The next general election in Iowa is November 7th.


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