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Biden reportedly sets up impeachment ‘war room’, hires ‘dozens’ of lawyers, communicators

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In anticipation of a possible impeachment inquiry, the Biden White House has set up an impeachment “war room” and recruited dozens of lawyers and communications staff. This development highlights the administration’s readiness to deal with a possible GOP-led impeachment.

The war room, based in the White House counsel’s office, is populated by a team of lawyers, legislative aides and communications staff. were contracted for the strategy and coordination of the administration’s response to any possible impeachment procedure.

A notable addition to that team is Richard Sauber, a well-respected white-collar defense attorney, who was hired to help the Biden administration respond to potential investigations, CNN reports.

This strategic move follows growing speculation about a possible GOP impeachment inquiry. Radar online reported that the White House has hired 24 lawyers and aides to strategize against this scenario.

Ed Siskel, who served in the White House for almost four years, it has been named as the new White House counsel for President Biden, according to an official statement on the White House website. Siskel’s appointment, along with the hiring of additional legal and communications staff, underscores the seriousness with which the Biden administration is taking the threat of impeachment.

As Democrats campaign to keep their majorities in Congress, a small team of lawyers, communications experts and legislative aides have spent months preparing for possible Republican investigations, CNN detailed.

The New York Times has reported that Biden and his White House counsel, Dana Remus, have hired Sauber, indicating their readiness for possible scrutiny if House Speaker Kevin McCarthy decides to move forward with impeachment.

If Biden faces impeachment, the proceedings may coincide with the criminal trial of Hunter Biden, his infamous son, whose plea deal on alleged tax and gun crimes recently fell through after national attention.


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