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Drunk American tourists found asleep on Eiffel Tower

Two American tourists made headlines after their night out took an unexpected turn when they were found sleeping on the Eiffel Tower. According to the prosecutor’s office, the drunken men were discovered by security guards in the early hours of Monday.

The incident unfolded after the duo paid a visit to the iconic Paris site around 10.40pm local time on Sunday. Drunk and daring, they crossed the security barriers as they descended the tower, ending up in an area normally off-limits to the public between the second and third levels.

Prosecutors in Paris revealed that the men’s level of intoxication appeared to be the reason for their predicament. A specialized firefighting unit was dispatched to rescue them from their high slumber.

The Eiffel Tower’s regular opening hours were delayed by the discovery of the two bedrooms, which were eventually questioned by the police. The operator of the publicly owned Eiffel Tower, Sete, said the men posed no threat.

This peculiar incident comes after two bomb scares on Saturday, which led to the evacuation of the tower twice in one day. French authorities are investigating fake bomb threats that were communicated through online platforms.

As an iconic symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower attracted 5.8 million visitors last year alone. The drunken tourists’ unexpected escape added an unusual twist to the tower’s story, leaving many intrigued by their drunken nocturnal adventure.

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