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Bidenomics is selling your blood for groceries [VIDEO]

Bidenomics is selling your blood for groceries [VIDEO]

Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana didn’t hold back on his criticism of Bidenomics. The senator painted a grim picture of its impact, noting how it appears to be based on three main pillars: “bigger government, more spending and higher prices.”

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Kennedy expressed deep sympathy for his Louisiana constituents and Americans in general, noting the severe economic strain many are experiencing. “At least in Louisiana, inflation is tearing my people apart like a fish. My people are getting very good at barely getting by,” he remarked. He lamented the desperate measures some are taking to cope, saying, “In America, you shouldn’t be taking an early distribution from your retirement account or selling blood plasma to go to the grocery store.”

Senator Kennedy also pointed to recent comments by Joe Biden trying to spin current economic problems as signs of a booming economy. “President Biden is saying prices are high and your 401K is crashing because the economy is so good. He just doesn’t get it. And that’s why he’s polling up there, up there with a yeast infection.”

In his candid assessment, Senator Kennedy said that the current economic policy, called ‘Bidenomics’, is far from the relief that many Americans hoped for and hoped for.

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