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DeSantis Didn’t Support Program To Stop Chinese Land Purchases Around Bases

DeSantis Didn’t Support Program To Stop Chinese Land Purchases Around Bases

Title: DeSantis Fails to Support Initiative Curbing Chinese Land Purchases Near Military Bases


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has recently come under scrutiny for his lack of support for a crucial program aimed at preventing Chinese land purchases in close proximity to military bases. The initiative, which was designed to safeguard national security and protect sensitive defense installations, received broad bipartisan support and endorsement. However, DeSantis’ failure to back the program may have far-reaching implications for Florida’s military readiness and overall national security.

The Threat of Chinese Land Purchases:

In recent years, concerns have grown regarding China’s increasing influence and potential threats it may impose on American interests. One such concern revolves around Chinese individuals and companies purchasing land near military bases. This grants them access and insight that could put national security at risk. These acquisitions might include purchasing land close to airbases, naval installations, or defense research facilities, which can allow China to gather valuable intelligence and jeopardize America’s military advantage.

The Program to Curb Chinese Land Purchases:

Recognizing the danger posed by these ambitions, a bipartisan effort was made at the federal level to establish measures to prevent Chinese land acquisitions near military bases. One such program, led by lawmakers, aimed to identify areas within a certain proximity of bases and establish regulatory mechanisms aimed at preventing the sale of those lands to Chinese entities.

Support from Various Quarters:

The initiative garnered support from both sides of the aisle, with clear recognition that protecting national security should always take precedence over political differences. Elected officials, defense experts, and military leaders all recognized the importance of this initiative for maintaining America’s technological advantage and safeguarding sensitive defense capabilities.

Unfortunate Lack of Support from Governor Ron DeSantis:

Despite the bipartisan support and the critical implications for Florida’s military readiness, Governor Ron DeSantis did not support this important program. Without his endorsement, the initiative may struggle to gain momentum and take effect in the state of Florida. This lack of support by the governor raises questions regarding his commitment to protecting national security.

Potential Consequences:

DeSantis’ failure to back the program raises concerns about Florida becoming a vulnerable target for Chinese entities seeking to exploit sensitive military information. By not participating in the initiative, Florida may become an attractive destination for Chinese land purchases, undermining national security efforts and putting military personnel at unnecessary risk.


It is disheartening to witness the lack of support from Governor Ron DeSantis for the program aimed at curbing Chinese land purchases near military bases. While this initiative garnered strong bipartisan support, its effectiveness may be compromised without the participation of Florida, ultimately jeopardizing the state’s military preparedness and national security interests. With the rising geopolitical challenges posed by China, it is imperative that our political leaders prioritize more robust protections to safeguard our military capabilities and maintain our technological edge.

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