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Colleen Ballinger Defends Accusations With Song – Billboard

Colleen BallingerYouTube star and creator behind the comedy Miranda singstook to YouTube on Wednesday (June 28) to share a long-awaited video in response to fan allegations that he engaged in toxic and inappropriate relationships with underage fans and groomed them.



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See the latest videos, charts and news

However, the 10-minute video was somewhat unusual compared to other celebrity statements following controversy, as he chose to express his thoughts with a 10-minute song performed on a ukulele.

“Many people are saying things about me that are not entirely true. It doesn’t matter if it’s true, though, as long as you find it entertaining, right? the 36-year-old content creator sang in the clip posted on her Colleen Vlogs channel. “Having fun? All aboard the toxic gossip train, traversing the tracks of misinformation. The toxic gossip train.”

Throughout the video, Ballinger admitted to having “strange” relationships with his fans early in his career, but “for what it’s worth, I never had any bad intentions, but I feel like . . .”

Allegations about Ballinger’s behavior with his fans first began in 2020, when YouTuber Adam McIntyre made a video claiming that the comedian had a personal friendship with him while he was just a teenager and she was in her 30s. and added that at one point he sent her underwear as a joke. At the time, Ballinger responded to some of her allegations in a video.

However, the allegations resurfaced just a few weeks ago when another YouTuber, KodeeRants, who defended Ballinger against McIntyre in 2020, alleged that Ballinger privately shared screenshots of messages with McIntyre in a fan group chat . He also showed screenshots of his now-deleted video, in which Ballinger asked the group of fans their “favorite position,” among other inappropriate questions.

Ballinger didn’t address KodeeRants’ claims in his response song, which you can watch below.


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