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BREAKING: Hunter Biden testifies about his infamous laptop in court

BREAKING: Hunter Biden testifies about his infamous laptop in court

Hunter Biden, embroiled in high-profile political scandals, is being ordered to testify in court about his infamous laptops as part of a civil lawsuit brought by John Paul Mac Isaac.

Isaac is the owner of a Delaware repair shop where Hunter took three laptops for repair in 2019. Mac Isaac filed a lawsuit against Hunter Biden in October 2022, alleging defamation, and seeks 1, $5 million in damages.

Hunter Biden retaliated by filing a countersuit, alleging that Mac Isaac illegally distributed his personal data from the recovered laptop’s hard drive. Mac Isaac argues that Hunter legally abandoned ownership of the laptop since he was unable to retrieve it despite Mac Isaac’s attempts to contact him. Additionally, Mac Isaac claims that ownership of the laptop was transferred to him after 90 days pursuant to a form Hunter signed when he dropped off the laptops.

In his lawsuit, Mac Isaac cites several conflicting statements from Hunter, where the president’s son falsely denied that the laptop in question belonged to him or was stolen or hacked, Just the News reports. When Mac Isaac accessed the data on the laptop, he discovered disturbing material and later turned the hard drive over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2019. He also provided a copy of the hard drive to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer in 2020. The New York publication initially reported on the contents of the laptop, but the story faced censure from corporate and social media platforms in October 2020.

In particular, a letter from former national security officials sought to dismiss the laptop scandal by suggesting it could be Russian disinformation. Later revelations indicated that this letter was influenced and written for the benefit of the Biden campaign. At least one active CIA employee may have illegally participated in the circulation of the signature letter. However, both the CIA and the FBI do not consider the laptop to be part of a Russian disinformation campaign. The FBI itself confirmed the authenticity of the laptop in 2019.

Since the laptop’s public release, the Delaware computer repairer has faced adversity, leading to the closure of his business and his need to go into hiding. Mac Isaac expressed his frustration with the perceived bias within the FBI, stating, “My family and I have witnessed the bias of the FBI since October 2019 when they refused to touch Hunter’s laptop Biden until, finally, in December, they went in and took him, albeit reluctantly.”

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