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Bud Light 2.0: Skittles Unveils Pro-LGBT, Drag Queen Campaign Aimed Toward Kids

Bud Light 2.0: Skittles Unveils Pro-LGBT, Drag Queen Campaign Aimed Toward Kids

Title: Bud Light 2.0: Skittles Unveils Pro-LGBT, Drag Queen Campaign Aimed Toward Kids


In recent years, discussions around inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance have become increasingly prevalent in popular culture. Brands are now using their platforms to celebrate and support marginalized communities, with Skittles recently unveiling an ambitious pro-LGBTQ+ campaign aimed specifically at children. In this article, we will explore the details and implications of this initiative.

Skittles’ Bold Step

Skittles, the iconic candy brand known for its vibrant and diverse flavors, has always embraced individuality and self-expression. However, their latest campaign, dubbed Bud Light 2.0, represents an even bolder step towards promoting inclusivity. The campaign features drag queen role models who identify as LGBTQ+ and aims to educate and normalize these identities for children.

Celebrating LGBTQ+ Representation

The campaign’s central focus is to promote LGBTQ+ representation and acceptance within society. By featuring drag queens, who are often at the forefront of the LGBTQ+ community, Skittles aims to showcase diverse role models and empower children to be themselves. This initiative acknowledges that children should be educated about sexual orientations and gender identities from an early age and encourages a more inclusive and understanding future.

Sparking Controversy

Not surprisingly, Skittles’ Bud Light 2.0 campaign has been met with a mix of both applause and criticism. Supporters argue that it is admirable for a brand to use its influence to foster inclusivity, especially toward children. They argue that exposure to LGBTQ+ role models and information will help create a generation that is more accepting and respectful of diversity.

On the other hand, critics argue that the campaign is not age-appropriate and believe that discussions surrounding LGBTQ+ topics should be left to parents and educators. Concerns are raised about potential confusion or unintentional exposure, with some claiming it is inappropriate for a candy brand to delve into such controversial subjects.

Navigating Childhood Education and Awareness

As we progress toward a more inclusive society, the question of when and how to educate children about LGBTQ+ topics becomes increasingly relevant. The Bud Light 2.0 campaign has inadvertently thrust this dilemma into the spotlight. While some argue that children should learn about these issues organically or through parental guidance, others contend that campaigns such as Skittles’ align with the shift toward more comprehensive sexual education in schools.


Skittles’ Bud Light 2.0 campaign, aimed at children, represents a bold and contemporary effort to promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity and education. By featuring drag queen role models, the campaign seeks to normalize diverse sexual orientations and gender identities from an early age. However, it has sparked a divisive conversation about the appropriateness and potential consequences of exposing children to these topics. As society grapples with the balance between inclusivity and age-appropriate education, campaigns like this push boundaries and provoke thought, ultimately shaping the future of societal norms and values.

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