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Trump Reacts To Hunter Biden Special Counsel Appointment – “He Would Not Have Been Picked By Me”

Trump Reacts To Hunter Biden Special Counsel Appointment – “He Would Not Have Been Picked By Me”

Title: Trump Reacts to Hunter Biden Special Counsel Appointment – “He Would Not Have Been Picked by Me”


In a recent development in the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, the Department of Justice (DOJ) appointed David Weiss as a special counsel. This move has sparked reactions from various quarters, including former President Donald Trump. In this article, we will delve into the details of the appointment, the reactions it has generated, and explore the implications of this decision.

The Appointment of David Weiss as Special Counsel:

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the appointment of David Weiss as a special counsel in the Hunter Biden probe. Weiss, a U.S. Attorney, will not only oversee issues related to Hunter Biden but also any other relevant matters that may arise from the investigation.

This appointment comes amidst ongoing scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the emergence of charges against him in Delaware. Contrary to claims made by Hunter’s defense lawyers, this move by the DOJ signals that the investigation into the President’s son is far from over.

Donald Trump’s Reaction:

Former President Donald Trump wasted no time in expressing his dissatisfaction with the appointment of David Weiss. Trump questioned why the DOJ did not select “Deranged Jack Smith” for the role and criticized Weiss for allegedly giving Hunter Biden a “sweetheart deal.” Trump also highlighted that Weiss was chosen by Delaware’s two Democratic Senators under the “Blue Slip” process, emphasizing that he would not have made the same selection.

Trump’s mention of “Deranged Jack Smith” appears to be a sarcastic remark, potentially referring to someone he believes would have taken a tougher stance on Hunter Biden’s case. He further criticized Weiss for his four-year-long investigation into Hunter Biden, suggesting that the outcome was biased in favor of the President’s son.

Implications of the Appointment and Reactions:

The appointment of David Weiss as special counsel holds significant implications for the ongoing Hunter Biden probe. Firstly, it underscores that the investigation is still active and striving for transparency and accountability. Despite claims that the inquiry was politically motivated, this move asserts the DOJ’s commitment to scrutinizing potential wrongdoings.

Secondly, Trump’s reaction reveals his underlying concerns about the fairness of the investigation. His assertion that he would have picked someone else highlights the partisan nature of these proceedings. It is essential to consider that political bias can influence the perception of impartiality in such highly discussed cases.

The Role of the Judiciary:

Amidst the criticisms and reactions to Weiss’s appointment, the role of the judiciary cannot be overlooked. Trump alluded to the presence of a “brilliant Judge in Delaware” who purportedly saw through the alleged bias in Weiss’s investigation. This highlights the significance of an independent judiciary in upholding justice and ensuring a fair legal process.

Calls for a New Judge and Jurisdiction:

Trump also revealed that he, too, desires a new judge and jurisdiction for the ongoing investigation. Though he claims to have stronger reasons than Hunter Biden and President Biden, he alludes to potential bias within the current proceedings. The call for a change in judge and jurisdiction speaks to Trump’s desire for a more favorable environment for the investigation.


The appointment of David Weiss as special counsel in the Hunter Biden probe has sparked reactions from former President Donald Trump. His criticism of Weiss and his mentioned alternative choice, “Deranged Jack Smith,” opens up discussions surrounding the potential political biases at play. While the investigation continues, the appointment of a special counsel reaffirms the DOJ’s commitment to a thorough examination of Hunter Biden’s business dealings. The implications of this decision and Trump’s reactions further underscore the complexities of high-profile investigations in the political landscape.

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