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BREAKING: Ray Epps says he will eventually face criminal charges over J6

BREAKING: Ray Epps says he will eventually face criminal charges over J6

After two and a half years since his suspicious actions on Jan. 6, “mystery man” Ray Epps says he will finally face criminal charges in connection with the event.

Buried in Epps’ legal complaint against Fox News and former host Tucker Carlson is a passage indicating that Epps stated that the Justice Department will face criminal charges.

“Finally, in May 2023, the Department of Justice notified Epps that it would seek to criminally charge him for the events of January 6, 2021, two and a half years later. Fox and Mr. Carlson’s relentless attacks and pressure resulting policy likely resulted in criminal charges,” the complaint states.

The complaint also blames Fox News for the criminal charges: “… it is hard to believe that the Department of Justice would have pursued this matter had Fox not focused its lies on Epps, ultimately the criminal charges conclusively demonstrate the falsehood of the story Mr. Carlson and Fox told about Epps.

🚨🚨🚨 Breaking. Ray Epps says he will (eventually) be criminally charged for J6. Blame it on Fox.

— FoiaFan (@15poundstogo) July 12, 2023

The passage was found in Epps’ complaint in Delaware Superior Court, in which he is suing Fox News and Tucker Carlson for “defamation.” The complaint itself pulls out all the stops to accuse the network of a pattern of “lies” about the election and January 6.

However, the problem for Epps is that he is on video engaging in actions that were more egregious than those of numerous other J6 defendants charged for their roles in the Capitol riots.

I give you Ray Epps, the only participant on January 6th who will defend the NYT, 60 Minutes, Adam Kinzinger and the DOJ!

— Darren J. Beattie 🌐 (@DarrenJBeattie) July 10, 2023

Many rushed to Tucker Carlson’s defense regarding the curious case of Ray Epps.

Ray Epps: “We have to go to the Capitol!”

FBI: ‘We’re arresting everyone who was near the Capitol except the guy who told people to go into the building’

Tucker Carlson: ‘Why hasn’t this guy who told people multiple times to go to the Capitol been arrested?’…

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) July 12, 2023

Ray Epps has taken legal action against @FoxNews and @TuckerCarlson in response to their “defamatory attacks” following the events of January 6th.

Epps, is suing the network and Carlson for airing what he says is a “fantastic” story accusing him of being a cover-up…

— Jewels Jones (@JewelsJonesLive) July 12, 2023

Hey @colbyhall…why isn’t RAY in jail?!

Ray did far worse than many people who ended up in prison.

And do you really think he will? Do you really think he wants to DISCOVER?

Ray should have been locked up A LONG TIME AGO

— Fox News Fan (@FNC_Ladies_Rule) July 12, 2023

During FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony Wednesday, he denied under oath that he knew Ray Epps is a “Fed.”

Rep. Cohen: “Are you aware that Ray Epps is a secret government agent?”

Christopher Wray: “Um, no.”

Do you think he’s lying? YES or

— Proud Elephant 🇺🇸🦅 (@ProudElephantUS) July 12, 2023

Epps was infamously caught on video inciting people to enter the Capitol on Jan. 6, but has not been charged for his activities and is constantly defended by Democrats and the legacy media. Criminal charges would be the first sign of accountability for his documented role in the events of January 6.

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