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Boebert welcomes court order preventing Biden from rigging 2024 election

(Louis Cornelius, Holder USA) Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., expressed jubilation at what he described as a major triumph defenders of freedom of expression after a federal judge temporarily banned Biden conniving with Big Tech platforms to censor freedom of expression.

In a recent interview with Real America’s Voice on Thursday, Boebert criticized the Biden administration for violating the free speech of conservatives obligation of social networks companies to crack down on posts that violate the federal government’s agenda.

“We’ve known for months that the White House, Big Tech and federal agencies have colluded, for months, to target and censor conservatives who disagree with their communist agenda,” Boebert declared. “The FBI worked with Twitter to keep Hunter Biden’s laptop story from getting out. They didn’t want that story out because they knew it would affect his election.”

Boebert praised the efforts of the Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general, acknowledging their critical role in securing an injunction this stopped what she called an “Orwellian type of behaviour”.

Boebert warned that if it hadn’t been for the court order, Biden would have interfered in the next presidential election. He added: “If it weren’t for the Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general taking a stand and getting the injunction, Big Tech and the Biden administration would continue this Orwellian behavior and it would continue into the next election and maybe even everything beyond.”

The deputy also highlighted the extensive evidence of censorship cited in the lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, which included 14,000 facts and 20,000 pages of evidence.

“This victory will take a long time, and tyrants and dictators historically try to censor the press and its people,” Boebert stressed. “This should never happen in the land of the free, and Grant, one of the greatest rights we have in America is our freedom of speech.”

Expressing gratitude to the attorneys general who fought to protect freedom of expression, Boebert He said, “I am very grateful that these attorneys general stepped forward and won this amazing victory on behalf of so many Americans and our freedom of speech.”


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