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Bob Costas Says Biden 'Must Be Shown The Door' If His 'hubris' Gets In The Way Of Dem 'bullpen'

Sportscaster Bob Costas thinks President Joe Biden should be shown the door if he refuses to step aside and let someone else run in his place.

Appearing last week on comedian Bill Maher's HBO show, “Real Time,” he pointed to special counsel Robert K. Hur's devastating report as evidence why Biden desperately needs to step aside before it's too much late

“When it comes to Biden, that's like the truth that nobody, until very recently, wants to say out loud,” Costas said. “But my friends will tell you I've been saying it for four years: these are the Emperor's new clothes.”

“Joe Biden should have run with a firm promise that he would be a one-term president. The only reason he's president is that he's not Donald Trump. Then the Democrats could have gotten a lot of people in the bullpen and could to have selected these people,” he added.

If Biden's arrogance is such that he doesn't understand the best interests of his party and, more importantly, his country, then he needs to be shown the door, period.”, the sports journalist continued.


But why is it so important that someone else is running instead of Biden? Because Trump is a threat to democracy, according to Costas.

“Because if Trump is a threat to democracy, and in many ways he is, so are the Democrats who are in danger of being as irresponsible as the Republicans have been for a long time to shame,” he said.

“If they're going to send this guy out there, if Trump is a monster, and in many ways he is, are you going to send this guy to slay the dragon? I don't think so,” he added.

FYI, conservatives would argue that President Biden, who tried to, one, force a vaccine mandate down the throats of millions of Americans and, two, revive Jim Crow-like racism — is much more of a monster than Trump.

In response to Costas' argument, Maher dismissed the idea that the president had run with a promise not to run again.

“By the way, he didn't run on a promise. He didn't run on a promise not to run again, but he did run on a big clue. He said, I see myself as a bridge. … I read it as a term. And I guess the question now is, is it too late?'' he said.

“And I don't think it is, because I still think you can do it at the convention. I don't, and people have said, “Oh, it's ridiculous that it doesn't look like anything.” No one gives a damn what you do at the convention. They would be delighted if they did it the day before the election. You could change it at the convention,” he added.

“You could,” Costas replied.

“And he might say, well, look, you know, I've had a health issue or whatever, I want to spend more…” Maher responded before being cut off by his other guest, Caitlin Flanagan.

“Because he really didn't have to run much in the primaries. It has no delegates to give to someone else for the party to come together and say,” he said.

“Well, if a guy says, I can't run, then you have to, then it has to be somebody else, which is an open convention. We've had open conventions many times,” Maher responded.

“A different scene a long time ago. But when Johnson in March, after a close primary with Eugene McCarthy in New Hampshire, when Johnson said, I'm not running for another term, then Humphrey stepped up,” Costas said.

The discussion came just days after Hur dropped his devastating report. The report does claim that Biden mishandled classified documents, but that the president is too senile to be prosecuted.

“[A]At trial, Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview with him, as a nice, well-intentioned older man with a poor memory,” Hur's report said.

“Based on our direct interactions and observations of him, he is someone for whom many jurors will want to find reasonable doubt. It would be difficult to convince a jury that they should convict him—then a former president in his eighties—of a serious crime which requires a mental state of voluntariness,” he continues.


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Bob Costas Says Biden 'Must Be Shown The Door' If His 'hubris' Gets In The Way Of Dem 'bullpen'
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