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Biden’s Optics Disaster, Chicago’s Overnight Plan & More: Today’s Highlights!

Biden’s Optics Disaster, Chicago’s Overnight Plan & More: Today’s Highlights!

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Explore today’s top news stories! From the aftermath of Biden’s trip to Maui to the Chicago gang’s unconventional plan, witness Oliver Anthony’s surprising decision and uncover the truth behind the Ukraine war narrative. Dive into frustrations about Bidenomics, Bidenflation, and the resolute stance of “I will not comply.” Stay informed with these impactful highlights.

Tune in to RVM Roundup Monday through Thursday at 6:00 PM EST for the day’s news and the best viral videos on the Internet.

Today’s best:

1: Joe Biden’s trip to Maui was an epic optical disaster for the regime [VIDEOS]

2: Chicago Dem plan calls for gangs to shoot up only at night [VIDEOS]

3: Oliver Anthony turned down an $8,000,000 record deal

4: Everything [They’ve] I told you about the war in Ukraine is a lie

5: Even This Biden Admin Is Frustrated With Bidenomics And Bidenflation…

6: I will not comply

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