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Biden rejected for plagiarism again – RedState

Joe Biden has a history of making things up and saying things that aren’t true.

We saw an example of this problem recently when he exaggerated the small kitchen fire in his home in 2004 that firefighters put out in twenty minutes. He claimed he almost lost his wife, his 67 Corvette and his cat. Worse, he said this to survivors of the Maui fire, some of whom had lost everything, including their homes and family members. He was punished by Hawaiian Rent-All business, with a sign saying sorry for almost losing his Corvette with an accompanying Facebook post that it wasn’t “always about you.”

Biden’s history of making things up goes back decades, indeed for most of his political life. He had to drop out of the 1988 presidential race because he said false things about his background and plagiarized other politicians. His plagiarism in law school was also exposed at the time.

Now there is a new accusation of plagiarism: that Biden plagiarized part of an article he submitted to the Harvard Journal on Legislation for publication when he was a senator. The student who had to check the article’s citation and who spotted the plagiarism was Roger Severino, who is now the vice president of the Heritage Foundation. Severino detailed to Fox’s Jesse Watters what happened after discovering multiple instances of plagiarism. ,

Severino said that after she pointed it out, expecting the piece to be rejected for plagiarism, the editor just added quotes and pretended it never happened.

Severino noted how this involved “mosaic plagiarism” — changing a couple of words to make it harder to pick up — but that this showed guilt.

Also, this was after that big scandal when he had to drop out of the 1988 race, so Biden was already called out for it, it cost him a lot, and yet he was supposedly doing more plagiarism there .

As Watters said, “He learned nothing,” and yet he did it again. This is perhaps one of the most troubling things about Biden. Not only does he do these things, but even after being exposed for saying things that aren’t true, he does it again. Even after the horrible lie to the people of Maui and all the backlash, Biden retold this story about the fire, claiming that half of his house “almost collapsed”.

Watters talks about Biden’s insecurity, and I think he’s right. But it also looks like psychopathy at this point. This is dangerous when their need to say things that are not true outweighs reality.


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