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Family still searching for missing son

In a poignant appeal, the family of Lee Boxell are desperate for information about their son, who disappeared 35 years ago when he was just 15. Lee’s parents, Peter and Christine Boxell, yearn for answers and hope to find closure after decades of uncertainty.

Lee’s journey began on September 10, 1988, when he left his home in Sutton, south London, for a routine shopping trip. He met a friend on his way out and parted ways at 1 p.m. The last confirmed sighting of Lee was in Sutton High Street at approximately 2.20pm on that fateful day. Since then, there have been no verifiable sightings or contact with him.

Today, Lee would be in his 50s, leaving his family with countless unanswered questions about his fate and whereabouts.

The Boxell family are haunted by the possibility that Lee may have been involved in foul play, as they have had no communication or sightings of him since that fateful day in 1988. Mr Boxell, in a heartfelt plea, expressed his longing to find Lee’s remains. so that they can say goodbye to their beloved son before it is too late for them, especially considering his advanced age as they are now over 70 years old.

Although there is no concrete evidence to suggest harm to Lee, the absence of sightings or credible information for three decades has left police with the belief that Lee is no longer alive.

In 2014, three individuals were arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with Lee’s disappearance. However, they were later released on bail, further deepening the mystery.

Detective Chief Inspector Kate Blackburn stressed the urgency of finding Lee, not only to give his family answers, but also to give them the comfort of putting their beloved son to rest.

The Boxell family’s appeal for information is accompanied by a £20,000 reward, which is being offered to anyone who can provide information leading to the recovery of Lee’s remains.

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