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Biden FCC Nominee Sits on Board of Group That Opposes Anti-Sex Trafficking Efforts

Biden FCC Nominee Sits on Board of Group That Opposes Anti-Sex Trafficking Efforts

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced his nominee to lead the Federal Communications Commission (FCC): Jessica Rosenworcel. The nomination has been met with mixed reactions, as Rosenworcel currently sits on the board of a controversial organization that has been accused of opposing anti-sex trafficking efforts.

Rosenworcel has been a member of the board of directors of the Media Institute since 2018. The Institute is a non-profit organization that focuses on media policy issues, but it has been criticized for its stance on anti-sex trafficking initiatives. In 2018, the Institute submitted a statement to the FCC opposing a proposed rule that would have required internet service providers to take measures to combat online sex trafficking. The Institute argued that the rule would be too burdensome for ISPs and could lead to censorship.

The Institute’s stance on the issue has been met with criticism from groups such as the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which have argued that the Institute’s position puts victims of sex trafficking at risk. This has raised questions about Rosenworcel’s nomination, with some people arguing that her involvement with the Institute shows that she is not committed to protecting victims of sex trafficking.

Rosenworcel has defended her position, arguing that the Institute’s statement was intended to encourage the FCC to consider the potential impact of its proposed rule on ISPs. She has also noted that she has personally advocated for measures to combat online sex trafficking, including introducing legislation that would strengthen the ability of law enforcement to investigate and prosecute cases of online sex trafficking.

Rosenworcel’s nomination is likely to be closely scrutinized as it moves forward. While her involvement with the Media Institute has raised some concerns, her record of supporting measures to combat online sex trafficking could help to alleviate some of these concerns. It remains to be seen whether her nomination will be approved by the Senate, but her involvement with the Institute is sure to be discussed during the confirmation hearings.

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