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Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 4/1/2024 [AM]

Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 4/1/2024 [AM]

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Monday, April 1, 2024

Steve Bannon hosted the Saturday morning WarRoom program.


The Monday morning WarRoom show covered various topics, starting with Steve Bannon discussing recent events that underscored the significance of the ongoing election and the nation’s trajectory, including President Trump’s attendance at a Christian wake contrasting with Democrats’ actions. The discussion also touched on Joe Biden’s performative Catholicism, fundraising, and street demonstrations.

Bannon responded to the New York Times’ attack on President Trump and Christianity, criticizing the Biden administration’s handling of transgender issues.

Paul Ingrassia outlined attempts by DC RINOs to sabotage President Trump’s re-election, including efforts to remove him from the ballot based on alleged 14th Amendment insurrection grounds.

John Eastman’s daughter, Christina Wheatland, discussed the legal challenges her father faces and urged support for his case.

TX HD-08 candidate Barry Wernick emphasized the importance of election integrity in his race against incumbent Morgan Meyer.

Roger Kimball reflected on Easter Sunday and lamented the shift in observance towards transgender visibility, drawing parallels to George Washington’s farewell address.

Author Todd Bensman discussed immigration issues, including the government’s handling of flights bringing immigrants into the US.

The show also touched on the media panic over Trump’s agenda to take down the administrative state.

Lastly, Mike Lindell highlighted My Pillow’s Easter Monday deals, including a 25% discount for the War Room Posse.

Links to each segment were provided for viewers to access more information or watch the full discussions.

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Roger Kimball, Easter Reflections: George Washington’s Farewell Address in Today’s America

Paul Ingrassia, Revenge Of The Swamp: DC RINOs Attempting To Sabotage President Trump’s Re-Election With Retirements, Insurrection Legislation – President Trump Must Work On Counter-Strategy Before It’s Too Late

Full show in segments: 

Steve Bannon: The Past Four Days Have Been The Perfect Encapsulation Of What This Election Is About

Following a cold open featuring various clips from mainstream media outlets discussing pertinent topics, Steve Bannon seamlessly integrated Monday’s show with last week’s key points, crafting a cohesive and unified theme. He asserted that recent events, commencing with Holy Thursday, have underscored the significance of the ongoing election and the nation’s trajectory.

Bannon reminded the audience that President Trump attended a Christian wake to support a fallen officer’s widow, contrasting with what was deemed a disgraceful display by Democrats the next day.

The focus shifted to Joe Biden’s performative Catholicism and the political landscape, marked by fundraising and street demonstrations.

Notably, attempts to silence Trump ahead of legal proceedings underscored the high-stakes nature of upcoming trials. Throughout this period, clashes between pro-Palestinian protesters and traditional institutions like the Catholic Church reflected broader cultural tensions. Meanwhile, Bannon criticized Biden’s administration, including accusations of promoting transgender ideology over Christian values.

Bannon said the symbolism—or lack thereof—during Easter further exemplified the ideological divide shaping the upcoming election. Ultimately, these events encapsulate the stark choices facing voters in 2024, emphasizing traditional values, law and order, and national identity.

Steve Bannon Responds To New York Times’ Full On Attack Of President Trump And Christianity

The discussion below by Steve Bannon revolves around celebrating the administration’s Easter announcement of “transgender visibility day,” which this year coincided with Easter.  The day for transgender activists emphasizes acceptance and support for the transgender community.

Concerns about the strange way Democrat Joe Biden observed the day on the Christian day of Easter were raised by Bannon, as he highlighted attacks on traditional values and Christianity, particularly within media and political spheres.

Bannon’s criticisms are directed toward the Biden administration’s handling of transgender issues and attacks on traditional American values.

Additionally, Bannon talked about his anticipation of the lawfare against Trump, which he views as an attempt to undermine his political resurgence. Bannon’s comments reflect tensions surrounding cultural values, political narratives, and the upcoming election.

Revenge Of The Swamp: DC RINOs Attempting To Sabotage President Trump’s Re-Election

Paul Ingrassia outlined the left’s strategy to remove Trump from the presidential race despite his current leading position. He discussed efforts to persuade Republican House members to retire early or be expelled, potentially shifting the majority to Democrats. This could enable the passage of legislation to remove Trump from the ballot based on alleged 14th Amendment insurrection grounds.

Ingrassia analyzed the Anderson case, suggesting loopholes allowing such legislation to pass. He speculated on potential judicial support for this legislation and highlighted the need to block the filibuster in the Senate to prevent its passage.

He questioned the motivations behind Republican Mike Gallagher’s decision to delay retirement, suggesting it may benefit Democratic interests.

Overall, Ingrassia emphasized the potential threat to Trump’s candidacy and the legal and legislative maneuvers being considered to remove Trump from the ballot.

John Eastman’s Daughter Christina Wheatland Reflects On Her Father’s Sacrifices For Justice

 Christina Wheatland, daughter of John Eastman, discussed a piece she and her brother wrote addressing the legal challenges faced by their father. Wheatland expressed gratitude for the support received and highlighted her frustration with what she sees as a politically motivated attack on her Dad.

The op-ed, intended initially as a blog post, evolved into a detailed analysis of the situation during Holy Week, combining legal and theological perspectives.

Wheatland emphasized the need for the conservative movement to address the issue of “lawfare” and its threats to election integrity, immigration, and more. Despite the challenges, the family of Eastman remains steadfast in their belief in the justice system and expresses confidence in their father’s ability to navigate the situation.

Wheatland encouraged people to visit the website for Eastman’s ‘Give, Send, Go’ for updates on John Eastman’s case and to submit prayers and support.

She also directs readers to The Blaze, where their op-ed can be found.

TX HD-08 Candidate Barry Wernick On Texas Hand Ballot Recount

Barry Wernick, a state candidate in Dallas whom President Trump endorsed, discussed the upcoming recount in his race, which starts on Tuesday, emphasizing the importance of election integrity in his battle. He highlighted the support he has received from the War Room audience and urged them to continue spreading awareness about the issue of his campaign and what is happening. Werner is running against Morgan Meyer, an entrenched incumbent with ties to the establishment.

Wernick stressed the need to fight against corruption and restore trust in the election system. Wernick provided his social media handles and website for those who want to support him or stay updated on the recount.

He expresses gratitude for the support of the War Room audience and their role in advocating for change.

Roger Kimball: George Washington’s Farewell Address in Today’s America

Roger Kimball reflected on the significance of Easter Sunday and mourned the shift in its observance to include the transgender day of visibility.

He recalls a time when crosses adorned skyscrapers as a symbol of the country’s Christian spirit, contrasting it with the recent proclamation by Governor Hochul to illuminate landmarks in transgender flag colors. Drawing from George Washington’s farewell address, Kimball highlighted the enduring relevance of themes such as party spirit, foreign entanglements, excessive debt, and religion in today’s context. He warns against the dangers of factionalism and emphasizes the need to preserve the neutral territory of government. Reflecting on Washington’s sacrifices and the nation’s foundation, he expressed dismay at the current state of affairs. He called for a reevaluation of Washington’s role in political life to ensure the country’s survival.

Todd Bensman Explains The Florida Gateway

Author Todd Bensman discussed the immigration issue and the government’s handling of it. He mentioned that a critical component to the betrayal of the American people, which he had been investigating,  was that the Biden administration has a program that flies immigrants into various U.S. airports, including those in Florida, which has caused controversy.

Bensman suggested that DeSantis and Abbott could have shut down these flights if they had known about them and pressured the Biden administration to do so, but that so far few people in the process were taking the necessary steps to protect the American people or the nation from a massive and chaotic invasion of foreigners.

Bensman also talked about the alarming situation in Juarez and El Paso, where there is a lot of danger due to the high number of immigrants crossing the border, who are unvetted and causing problems for the local law enforcement.

The MSM Panic Sets In Over Trump Administration Agenda To Take Down The Administrative State

Bannon talked about a global media event, President Trump’s trial.  He made other points revolving around various topics, primarily focused on political strategy, the media landscape, and the administrative state.

Bannon touched on the White House’s response to controversies, the role of traditional values in American society, and potential efforts to remove Trump from the ballot.

Bannon mentioned numerous attempts to force Republican House members to retire early and the possible implications for the balance of power in Congress. The conversation also delves into legal strategies and the role of the Supreme Court in potential challenges to Trump’s candidacy.

Overall, the tone is speculative and strategic, focusing on the political dynamics at play and potential future scenarios.

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This conversation emphasizes the importance of seeking professional advice to address tax issues, especially as the deadline approaches. Josh Hanna from Tax Network joined Bannon for a discussion, highlighting the IRS’s increased efforts to expedite the filing process and collect outstanding balances.

Hanna and Bannon stressed the significance of having a knowledgeable team of tax experts, including attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents, to navigate the complexities of tax law and negotiate with the IRS on behalf of taxpayers.

The conversation underscores the potential pitfalls of allowing the IRS to file on behalf of taxpayers, often resulting in incorrect balances. Tax Network USA assists taxpayers in resolving tax issues and achieving favorable outcomes. The discussion encourages individuals to seek help promptly to avoid potential consequences.

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