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Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 3/29/2024 [PM]

Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 3/29/2024 [PM]

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Friday, March 29, 2024

Natalie Winters hosted the evening WarRoom. Joe Allen hosted WarRoom Battleground


Natalie Winters hosted the evening WarRoom, where Mike Davis discussed the Biden administration’s immigration policies and a judicial misconduct complaint against Judge Reggie Walton.

Todd Bensman talked about Biden’s influence on Mexico’s immigration stance and the rising foreign-born population in the US. Mary Rook discussed the documentary “Sick: Unmasking Big Medicine” exposing Big Pharma’s influence.

Tyler Bauer from Turning Point Action shared efforts in battleground states. Mike Lindell announced Easter deals on

In WarRoom Battleground, Joe Allen explored Jesus’ cultural impact, focusing on the Catholic tradition of the 14 stations of the Cross and its evolution in Christian imagery.

Full show in segments: 

Mike Davis: Article 3 Project Will File Judicial Misconduct Complaint Against D.C. Judge

Natalie Winters hosted the WarRoom evening show and opened with guest Mike Davis, who discussed the Biden administration’s handling of immigration, emphasizing their shift towards moral arguments due to failures on economic and national security fronts.

Davis highlighted Trump’s contrast in approach to immigration and criticized Biden’s refusal to meet with affected families.

Davis from the Article 3 Project discussed a judicial misconduct complaint against Judge Reggie Walton for inappropriate comments about Trump inciting violence.

Davis emphasizes the importance of accountability for judges and suggests consequences that may happen if the issue is not addressed. He told Winters that he sees this as part of a broader lawfare and election interference pattern, particularly within the DC federal courts, promising further action and oversight.

Todd Bensman: Biden’s Boss Tightens The Screws

Todd Bensman discussed his article on how President Biden’s administration has influenced the Mexican President’s stance on immigration, who has suggested that he will only slow the immigration flow to the US if he receives $20 billion, highlighting the leverage he holds over the situation.

Bensman explains how the Mexican president previously deployed Mexican troops to control immigration, resulting in a significant decrease in border crossings under President Trump. However, the troop deployment now eased, immigration numbers are rising again, under Biden.

Bensman also referenced a report indicating a record-high foreign-born population in the US, driven primarily by immigration from Latin America.

He emphasizes the severity of the current immigration crisis and encourages readers to explore the data further.

Mary Rooke Discusses The Daily Caller’s New Movie ‘Sick: Unmasking Big Medicine’

Mary Rook, a reporter with the Daily Caller, discussed her documentary exploring the influence of Big Pharma on medical decisions and the healthcare system. The film delves into the financial incentives driving overprescription and the revolving door between regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

Rook highlights stories of individuals harmed by medications and emphasizes the importance of informed patient advocacy. She also touches on the contentious relationship between media outlets and Big Pharma.

The documentary covers various aspects of healthcare, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the pharmaceutical industry’s role in it. Rook encourages viewers to seek out information and become informed advocates for their own healthcare. To follow her work, viewers can visit the Daily Caller website or check her daily column.

Tyler Bowyer: “We Are Hustling Like Never Before In Arizona, Wisconsin, And Georgia”

Tyler Bauer from Turning Point Action discusses their ground game efforts in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia to secure elections and win races. Bauer focused on turning out low-propensity voters, a strategy often employed by Democrats. Turning Point Action hires hundreds of full-time workers and deploys precinct chase teams to target specific areas with potential Republican voters. Interested individuals can volunteer or apply for jobs through the Turning Point Action website. He emphasized the importance of grassroots support in key battleground states and encouraged people to follow him on Twitter for updates and insights on their efforts.

Go To And Check Out The WarRoom Extravaganza

Mike Lindell announces special Easter deals for viewers of the show, thanking them for their support and emphasizing that despite rumors, his business is still operational.

He mentioned an open-box sale on pillows, with any size or color available in a limited supply. Additionally, there’s a discount on multi-use pillows featuring patriotic designs.

Lindell also promotes other items on his website, including sandals and sheets at discounted prices. He expresses gratitude to the audience for their ongoing support during challenging times.

WarRoom Battleground Ep. 504: Communion And Crucifixion Part 2

The following segment with Joe Allen delves into the profound cultural and religious impact of Jesus Christ, transcending beliefs and spanning across various cultures and time periods. The focus is on the Catholic tradition of the 14 stations of the Cross, symbolizing Jesus’ journey to crucifixion and resurrection. These stations serve as a constant reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice and the salvation Christians believe it brings.

Each station reflects different aspects of Jesus’ humanity and the significant roles of individuals like Mary and Simon of Cyrene. The mention of the Shroud of Turin, believed by many Catholics to bear Jesus’ image, adds to the cultural significance of these representations.

Allen also discussed the evolution of crucifixion imagery in Christianity, from its early avoidance due to its association with humiliation to its eventual prominence as a defining icon. It notes the emergence of various depictions, from crude drawings to elaborate icons, throughout history.

Furthermore, it touches upon contemporary interpretations of Jesus in popular culture, from rock stars appropriating his image to modern literature exploring themes of mysticism and truth.

Overall, Allen highlighted Jesus’ enduring presence and the diverse ways in which his story resonates across different societies and artistic expressions. It concludes with a message of hope and divine joy, inviting readers to contemplate the profound truths embedded within Jesus’ narrative.

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