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America’s Richest Create 40% of Emissions, But Conference Leans on Being Green, Study Finds

New research published in PLOS Climate this week found that, of the greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted in the United States, 40 percent comes from the nation’s wealthiest 10 percent of households. PLOS Climate is an open access journal that claims to improve understanding of climate patterns, processes, impacts, and solutions by publishing transparent, rigorous, and open research from diverse perspectives.

The to study analyzed household income data from 1990 to 2019 and was led by University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Jared Starr. The study showed that “in 2019, 40% of total U.S. emissions were associated with income flows to the top 10% of households,” while GHG emissions among 90% lower they had decreased.

Furthermore, the income of the top 1% was “linked” to more than 17% of GHG emissions.

The study was conducted by ostensibly progressive researchers, as they used terms like “climate crisis” throughout their paper and suggested remedying this “emissions inequality” through “an alternative tax on income or carbon based on shareholders”.

Doing so can help “raise revenue for climate finance,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, many of America’s richest people call themselves climate activists even though they are apparently responsible for a huge volume of GHG emissions. Bill Gates, for example, owns four private jets and has defended fly over them for their climate activism, which involves buying “carbon credits”.

Another private jet flyers Jeff Bezos, among whom act as heralds of climate change, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerbergand more

Many members of the Biden administration have also been criticized for their massive carbon footprint, including climate czar John Kerry. hundreds Recently, Biden officials were called out for flying to summits abroad but failing to track their carbon emissions, despite requiring federal agencies to do so.

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