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American Conservatism and Fertility Cult-ure

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The only subcultures that have managed to achieve above replacement fertility at average incomes above 5-10k are Jewish Conservatives and American Conservatives.

Everyone else Muslims, Hindus, Orthodox, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Secular Euros, Irish Catholics, EVERY ONE of them sees birth rates collapse below replacement when they become wealthy at 5-10k gdp per captita. Even Africans and South Americans see birth rates collapse as soon as they become middle to upper income.

What makes these two exceptions so Unique?

Many notice Israel is above replacement and immediately think conspiratorially “The people behind the media/finance/globalism/progressivism making it harder to live are somehow immune to it’s anti-family poison? Hmmmmm…”

But this doesn’t explain why white Christian conservative within America are somehow above replacement… If there’s one group the media/finance/globalism/progressivism would want to die out… wouldn’t it be American Conservatives?

The much despised Hhwhite man? the loathsome Amerikaner? The Rubes? The Flyover kulaks?

No Conservative/Israel aligned Jews and White American Conservatives aren’t the only two groups above replacement because of a conspiracy… They’re the only two above replacement because they’re the only ones with adaptive immunity to the Global-homogenized-Urban-Progressive mind virus.

All cultures around the world as they’ve developed, partially due to American Empire, partially due to the logic of globalization, have adopted the same Anglo-inspired monoculture more or less… Equality between the sex, dual income households, urbanization, contraceptive, extreme educational investment during traditional marriage years, not getting married until financial established (which now only happens in your 30s when you’re already past prime child having years)

Even IRAN has not been immune to this. Despite the heroic and divinely guided efforts of supreme leader Khamenei they’re now below replacement.

The only peoples who are immune to this cultural virus are those who have been exposed since it’s inception: Ie. the Conservative cultures who’ve been resisting Anglo monoculture for 100s of years.

Conservative Jews have fought to resist the modernizing liberal monoculture, as have Conservative Christians, and the Amish.

Notably Mormons would have once been on this list as well… but their fertility has fallen off a cliff in the past 5-10 years.

And I can actually Identify the culprit for why their fertility finally fell off the critical threshold: Trump.


Mormonism is a culture that was always on the outside of mainstream American life but always wanted to be at the center. Mormons had historically suffered great persecution and suspicion at the hands of the American state and Culture, but always aspired to be the quintessentially American religion. All their founding events, revelations, religious mythology were set within America, and they always saw their faith as something that should be Americana. Even the Mormon earnest salesman/proselytizer/teetotaler/hardworking/go-get-’er/ huckster attitude is quintessentially American…

And tragically they tried to make America love them back.

Mainline Mormonism axed polygamy, they axed their racial theological commitments (no more racial baring from the clergy, bans on interracial marriage, or theological claim that faithful blacks would become white after death), and fatefully they sought out religious protection/recognition, and then sought work within the US government…

After being a persecuted and excluded religious group Mormons became amongst the core recruits for US security-state and bureaucratic jobs… Having little problem with drug testing or polygraphs, Mormons were quickly becoming what the Cossacks had been to the Russian Tsar, or Latvians to the Soviet State after the Tsar: a core ethnicity of regime aligned enforcers. They had quested 180 years for respectability, their proper place as the most American of American religious groups…

And then Trump appeared, the embodiment of the rejection of all respectability, the man who rallied the rage of the various American folk cultures, the man who would challenge the state and regime openly… the polar opposite of Mormon cultivated niceness and bourgeoise decency.

And their ties to conservative culture, and more importantly their remaining exclusion from mainstream culture, frayed and broke. I saw this in the Mormons I knew, the ex-Mormons I knew… their horror, their restrained outrage… The indecency of the man!

Famously in 2016 the NeverTrump campaign ran an independent presidential candidate in the state of Utah alone. Evan McMullin was a Mormon, Retired (or maybe “Retired”?) CIA officer, undergrad at Brigham Young University then Wharton Business graduate…. Exactly the type of man Mormons believe should be president: respectable, experienced, proper, loyal to the American state…and probably confused if you ask about a distinction between the state, the nation and the country, or whether these loyalties might conflict… And of course the Atlantic and other left wing magazines loved him! Just like they loved all NeverTrumpers “Even respectable republican figure Evan McMullin thinks Trump is the death of the republic”

And of course once your culture and faith drifts that close to the vortex of the progressive-liberal-urban monoculture… it’s all over.

I imagine Mormon girls gasping in shock at how not respectable Trump’s “grab her by the pussy” take was, and slowly drifting ever outward towards progressivism… buying contraceptive and deciding to do “One more degree” or get just that much more established, or pursue an Urban career just that much further, recoiling in horror at the improper aggression with which Roe v. Wade was overturned, or the vulgarity of conservative politics as she veers further and further left and Mormon birth rates decline further and further below replacement.

It’s tragic: Mormons spent 180 years wishing America and the American state would love them back… not understanding the second the affection was reciprocated it’d be their doom. Like the male Praying-Mantis finally winning the heart of a red, white, and blue female.

They wanted to be the quintessentially American people with the quintessentially American religion, and pursued civic duty and cultural acceptance with an earnestness to make a Roman city father proud… not understanding that if there was one thing that was quintessentially American, indeed core to it’s irrepressible folk culture, it was HATRED of the government, and an inherent suspicion of it’s major civic institutions.

Now mainline Latter-Day-Saints is going the way of American Presbyterianism… without even the whiskey to hold onto.


Conservative Jews, and particularly orthodox Jews, persist because their culture has existed in the urban cultural cores of the most advanced countries, and adapted themselves to maximally alienate the faithful from that culture. The obsessive rituals, the bizarre and maximally garish haircuts (of a style reminiscent of Mongolian warlords and punk rockers) that ensure one cannot switch clothes and choose to blend in for an afternoon or trip about town… the intense ritualization of male/female interaction, everything exists to break the possibility of true cultural interface with the surrounding culture… of course one looks at fully secular Jews (inevitably urban) and outside Israel they fall below replacement immediately, often their kids and grandkids even lose knowledge of their culture, being surprised they’re “Jewish”… only adopting the identity if, like so many post-soviet “Jews” (many would only meet the vaguest definition) they see economic opportunity in Israel.

This Orthodox Jewish purposeful alienation… this embrace of cultural alienation, the “Cringe” of a genuine cultural gap, a gap that can only be surmounted by betrayal… THAT is what maintains a culture.

And that is what American White Conservatives have uniquely developed.

Indeed the progressive-liberal monoculture works hard to integrate the traditions of almost every other culture, and most other cultures, not having interacted with Anglo-progressive-liberals and don’t identifying them as a threat, or at least don’t Identifying them with their hated outgroup: It’s a wonder Irish republican Catholics and Ulster Loyalist Prots can still somehow hate each other and be more worried about whether they’re in the Irish Republic or the United Kingdom… when both are in identical drifts towards, low fertility, low growth, Euro-decline… But not American Conservatism.

Indeed American Conservatism, uniquely, has always been the outgroup of secular progressivism, and has always seen itself that way… It has sought out and created new ideals of “cringe”: Country music culture, RedNeck rock culture (of which figures like Kid Rock are just the surface), backyard wrestling, megachurch evangelism!

Consider the Truck Nuts.

blue balls, red balls, steel balls, but no hairy balls… | Ken Tizzard

This fertility symbol was a blessing on these maidens… they probably married sooner and had more kids than you.

In a world where the urban liberal internationalists respect all people, sexualities, religions, and nationalities… the Amerikaner rural culture has worked incredibly hard to make itself intolerable, and anti-respectable.

It helped that the heart of globalist culture is comprised of their direct immediate internal political enemies… that they have the animus to differentiate themselves, but the wider cultural ethos cannot be ignored…There’s no reason the second American culture couldn’t have been equally anti-natalist in it’s effects.

Instead American Conservatism exhibits culturally the adaptive traits one observes in the natives of parasite and disease heavy corners of the world, just as the natives of various jungles exhibit unique resistances and immunities to many of the diseases and parasites found there… often allowing them to survive uninvaded until the 19th-20th century, So too do American Conservatives, natives of the disease laden American Cultural jungle Exhibit a unique immunity to it’s most devastating mimetic diseases.

If you are a member of European or East-Asian or Persian culture trying to improve birthrates… one could do worse than start trying to import the Amerikaner folk culture that global urbanites despise…

How does one say “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” in Farsi?

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